Friday, March 6, 2009

The Church Pew

O.K., girls! Here is the story of the church pew! Go here to read about my friend. This was her church I honestly don't know (or remember if I was told) where she got it, but it was on her front porch at her home when she lived here. I always loved it! After Linda died, her husband and youngest daughter moved to Pensacola where he was working. There were actually two church pews and they gave one to me and one to another long time friend. I was really honored. Still am for that matter.

Isn't it pretty? On the back there are book racks where the song books or Bibles went. I'm almost completely sure that when you walked past the bench to Linda's front door, there was a frame with this cross stitched verse.....As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. If I'm wrong at least 3 people will tell me!

I'm sure many people sat on this pew and heard the Gospel and sang the time honored hymns. Thanks for trusting it into my care!


YaYa's Funhouse said...

I love your church pew. I have always wanted one. My mother and dad used to have one in an ole cabin my dad built years ago. I know you cherish this since it was your friends.
Have a great weekend!

Dawn said...

I love it. And I read the story of Linda, and realize how very special it is to have something of her in your home!

Leslie: said...

That is SO neat!

My sweetie is considering attending church with me soon.

Keetha said...

Just saying "hi" to let you know I was here! I too am a pew fan.

Our daughter, Keri, just got one a while back and when her nearly 3 year old heard her call it a "pew" he began calling it their "poo."

Tonja said...

A special piece from a special person...does it get any better? I love it when a piece of furniture just oozes memories everytime you pass it!

Katie and Beau said...

I love the post you wrote about Mom! I had never seen it. Plus I love that picture of her in a Christmas sweater (Cathy would have LOVED Mom!)

Just FYI, that pew is from First Pres. Augusta. That is where she and Dad became believers and where all of us kiddos were baptized. In 1988, they remodeled the sanctuary right at the time we moved from Augusta (a very difficult time for Mom). Dad surprised her by bringing home two church pews that he got from the auction (they were the original pews). I can remember how excited she was and the smile on her face as she said, "Tony!" in her high pitched southern way.

That is why those pews were so dear to her, they represented a new beginning to her life and her family's life. I'm glad you have it.

Connie said...

I love things with a history or a story. That's such a good one. I hope you continue the singing of hymns and sharing Christ on that bench! Connie

Dawn said...

Re your comment - that was the same point I was making - you get the basics with a family of 5 or 6 kids! And sometimes barely that!

Jess said...

I love's such a great idea and so respectful!

Lots of lvoe and have a great rest of the week


Kiesha said...

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Hope you are having a great sunday.