Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's day and other rambling bits of nothingness!

I'm green.....this is all the green I have to show.....but at least you can't pinch me! :)

Update on my computer....after suffering through two different repairmen, both constantly on the phone with D**l on their bluetooths (is that a correct way of using blue tooth??) so that half of the time it sounded like they were talking to me so of course I tried to answer them....... and after replacing every part inside the computer, the computer is up and going.............exactly like it was when I got it....it still sounds like a jet taking off! Sooo.....I'm not calling them back...I don't want them to come back and "fix" it some more...no, I'll just listen to the loud noise while I'm typing, or reading or whatever.


In a recent Wh*el of Fo*t*ne, a father/son team from our town were the big winners! We normally aren't big Fo*t*ne viewers, but when the locals are on, well, you have to watch!

If you can get this, you'll win.......my admiration! I forgot in my rushing to take pictures of the t.v. screen to get the answer to this puzzle! But doesn't Vanna look cute?!

This is the father/son team that won and won big! I think their total was over $38,000 in cash and prizes. AND to add interest for us, the son is a teacher at J*nks Middle School. My husband and I both went to that school AND that is our last name! So we vicariously shared their fame...o.k. they aren't sharing the money or the trips....and we rooted them on to victory..!

Oh, well, it was fun to watch.

In happy news, Emily shared this exciting news with everyone!

Finally, for anyone who is feeling down, take a look at the Snippet on my sidebar for today!


Needled Mom said...

My sister had a D*ll and called it the "D*ll from h*ll". Poor customer service and no one who could fix the problem on the new computer finally made her dump it. Hope you have better luck.

Isn't it fun when you watch someone you know win on a game show? That is great.

Exciting news from Emily. It will be a fun day.

Dawn said...

I have a Dell and so does DC and we have been okay, but I know lots have not been.

We do watch Wheel every night - like old people. That's what Kristen calls us - she calls every night while we're watching and eating - too funny! Congrats to those guys - we missed that one somehow. Must have been Wednesday night when we're at church.

Jess said...

Ya I can see how that would be big news in a small town...I'm ina small town...so ya even who is cheating on who is big news...lol

have a great rest of the week

love, jess

Theresa said...

Thank goodness my geeky husband fixes computers as a hobby. Otherwise, who knows.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too!

eden said...

Blueteeth?? :)

I was trying so hard to guess the answer ... I actually went on Wheel of Fortune down here a few years ago, and won a vacuum cleaner. Seriously!

Happy St Pats Day to you, too
Nancy! Top 'o the mornin' to ya!!


Erin said...

hi Nancy,
Just wanted to thank you for the encouragement! Dating is fun but hard. It's hard to be patient and not know how things are going to turn out!!! But it's fun to be pursued and to enjoy being with someone so much.