Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Tommy and Claudia!

Happy 3rd Anniversary! I know everybody says this, but it really doesn't seem possible that 3 years have passed since Tommy and Claudia's wedding! What a joyful day! After a beautiful wedding and reception, these two started their own family together!

It was a beautiful day. I was relieved because much of the reception was outside and since we live in Florida and it was March, it could been nice or not so nice! It did get cold when the sunset, but we were right on the bay and it was so pretty.

Maybe we'll have a grandchild or two from them in the near pressure guys!

Have a great day....we love you two!


Gigi said...

...sigh...I just LOVE wedding photos!! Congrats to the sweet couple!

Thank you so much for following me on my blog! I look forward to your visits!

Jason and Roxy said...

Just have them sit and chat with MG for a bit... she knows how to start the pregnancy trend!!

Tonja said...

Best wishes for even more happiness together...and lots of grandchildren!

Leslie: said...

Oh I love the bride's bouquet! What a sweet couple they make.

My back's getting better and I can take the brace off until my back starts to ache - have to get the muscles working again (front AND back) but I must say it's such a relief to just simply have back "ache" and not "pain." Thanks for asking, Nancy.

Dawn said...

Beautiful couple - congratulations and happy anniversary!