Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Brother

Today is my OLDER brother's birthday.....of course, for an old man he still does quite a lot of things you would think were reserved for a much younger man!

Like.....playing softball! Yes, he plays softball, works out at the gym, drives a corvette....anything to drive, pun intended, those passing years into submission!

He's a deacon in the church, been married to his first wife for well over 40 years....has 4 children and scads of grandchildren! Really, too many to count!

He has always been a very involved parent and now grandparent. So much so that instead of me telling you hold old he is, I'll relate this little story....

Last week, my niece called her daddy and asked if he could go to a band concert at her daughter's middle school.......incidentally the same middle school each and every one of us siblings went to......of course, he said yes and called his wife, Lois to ask if she was also going. When he got to the school office he was indignant that he had to sign in as a visitor. As he told one of the office workers, he was a student there before she was even born! No matter, he had to sign in....then make his way down to the band room.

Walking in, he saw the band director, the band and his other parents. Immediately the band started singing Happy Birthday. Then the band director said the band had a special instrumental they wanted to play in Tommy's honor....Below is the song they played....along with my brother's age!

Happy Birthday brother. I love you.


Sharon said...

Happpyyy Birthdayyyy :)
Have a wonderful day in all that you do!

Dawn said...

Great story - that song came up two years ago when DC turned that age! Your brother and my husband have lots in common - except he did give up softball a few years ago.

Keetha said...

So, how long has he been married to his SECOND wife!?!

j/k - - - that's what I thought when you said FIRST wife.

Don't worry - - - I KNOW what you mean, it's just my crazy brain at work, or NOT at work as the case may be.

Cathy said...

When we went there it was called Junior High School.....remember????????????????

Leslie: said...

You are so blessed with such a wonderful family. Wish your bro a Happy Birthday from a girl (well, I use that term loosely) who wishes she'd had a brother. By the way I couldn't open the link but I'll come back and try again later.

Thanks, also, for your kind words re my "knight." lol

Gigi said...

Oh how funny!!!! I can just imagine his surprise when he walked into that band room!! Sounds like he had a wonderful birthday, filled with love and laughter...the BEST!

Happy April!