Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Last night as I was crying over my computer not doing something.....youngest son says you know Macs are usually very intuitive.  To which I replied hysterically....

So am I, but I didn't intuitively know this computer was NOT my friend!

I then found out the network was down and not my computer.  O.K. so who knew???


I am trying to go through a wonderful little book called 

Too Wonderful For Me
Studies from Job
Emalyn Spencer

I bought this book years ago and it is no longer in print, but if you're interested, you can probably get a used one on Am*

Although my blog is not in any way a theological blog.....I took it's name from this verse in Job...  Chapter 42: 3.  I confess that most of the time in life I, along with I would guess many of you, don't understand why things happen the way they do.  I also understand, even though I forget this,  that I don't have to know why things happen the way they do.  

A friend said to me recently......
I don't see believing God as a choice...
Trusting God is not a choice....
Hope in God is not a choice...

Not a direct quote, just the way I remember.

Oh, that I might repeat this every day along with every Christian.  Our hope IS in God and we have hope in nothing else.  In chapter 42 of the book of Job after he hears God in the whirlwind, Job makes the confession we should all make....

Job 42:3b & 5
Therefore I have uttered what I do not understand, things too wonderful for me, which I did not know.
I have heard of you by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees you; therefore I despise myself, and repent in dust and ashes.

When I start to question God, I need to read what God says to Job out of the whirlwind in chapters 38-41.  Re-read those chapters if it's been will make you realize anew how small we are and what a BIG God we serve.


We had a nice, long weekend at a nearby state park last weekend.  We saw this...
Le Gr*and C*rque.  I don't enjoy events that put me in a large group of people.  My DH knows that and got end row seats which made it a better experience.  It was amazing to see people move their bodies the way they do....AMAZING!

We did a little of this......
The weather didn't permit a lot of beach time and as you can see, there was lots of seaweed.  But we don't mind the seaweed because we know that is the way nature works to rebuild beaches.  When we got in from the gulf and took off our bathing suits, we were covered in algae!   It rinses right off, no harm done!

This made me unhappy!
If you click on this picture you will notice three 4 wheel type vehicles on the beach.  These were from the not to be named controversial oil company.  I suppose they were looking for oil......I'm sure they did more damage to the beach than good because they were going way too fast (not to mention that the beach just was not made for vehicles!) and were way too far up to see any oil!  If they had stopped and walked the beach they would have seen there was NO OIL just seaweed.  There were actually four of these vehicles altogether, two to four men in each.

We did a lot of relaxing with good books and a little napping too!

These two were overjoyed that it poured all day Sunday which meant we had to stay put with them all day.

Thanks DH for a nice, relaxing weekend.

The week is already half does this happen???


Stella said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. I too don't know why bad things happen but I do know good things came for me. The Lord sent me such a wealth of love and help.

Looks like yu had a lovely weekend. Stella

Cindy said...

I love your blog! And your puppies are darling! The mother of our Lab is a Puppy Mill puppy....we didn't know anything about such things til recently.
I'm the same as you, don't love being in the center of large groups...I would like the solitude of the beach much better.
Glad you found me (love Keetha) and that I have found you.

Dawn said...

We are going through something really really yucky right now, and Iasked God this morning for words I needed to read or hear - He has provided that through my blog friends several times today - what a blessing!

Katie and Beau said...

Sniff, sniff!

Mimi said...

I never knew that your title was from the BIBLE and the BOOK of JOB at that!!!My you have to LOVE the BIBLE to want to read JOB!!WOW that poor guy really had to PUT HIS FAITH in GOD!!!Something we all should do more!!
I am so glad to know you and You and I relate to things the same in so many ways!!I love reading your blog, I often laugh and say I do that!!
DID YOU SEE THE PREZ while in Panama City BEACH???I am sure he was kept quite private over there in the BAY!!!HAHA
I really need to PRAY for that man, as I truly feel he is LOST
have a great week

Tonja said...

Such powerful verses. I can't fathom how there are people who do not hve that confidence in God. It is such a part of me that it colors everything I do...and I know it's the same with you.

Yeah, the seaweed never bothered me's just a part of being at the beach sometimes.

Mrs.G said...

Hi Nancy Grayce
My name is Tracy Grace

I guess it was your name that first caught my eye...then I read your post, and its your writing that will have me come back!
I'll follow...

I clicked on the pic, glad I did for, I would not have seen the vehicles that were driving on the beach!

Very intriguing about the book of Job...I think I'll take some time and read the chapter...thanks.

I'll be back soon.........

Gigi said...

You know what? Your post just made me happy...can't say why exactly - it just did! So thanks!!

And of course...the the puppies! ((((((hugs))))) to the puppies from Gigi and Lulu!!

Have a blessed weekend, my friend!

Just Breathe said...

I like an end seat at the show too! Just like to know I can leave without bothering anyone. Glad you were able to get away. I need to read Job, many people have mentioned it lately.

Pauly said...

Hi there Mom! I am going to go read Job right now. My life is very trying right now, and Job is prolly the right book for the job. Love you!

Pauly said...

did my last comment go thru?