Tuesday, August 31, 2010

They're having a birthday!

Two of the men in my life have birthdays today.

  My firstborn is 40 today.  An incredible testimony to how fast our lives pass.  Forty.  Seems I.M.P.O.S.S.I.B.L.E.

Impossible to go from your first cup of coffee.......

to being 40!  

I love you son.  I pray this is the best year.   You have made incredible strides this year and I'm so thankful and proud!

And this man....

What a special gift from God!

Every year he just grows dearer and sweeter.  He's the most patient man I've ever known.....and believe me when I say I try his patience with my anxious personality.  He is truly happy almost all the time.  Russell will come home after working a 10 hour day and walk in the door like he's just gotten up in the morning!  He wakes up happy and he goes to bed happy!

He loves the Lord, his family, his work and his church.  He has a servant's heart and he has had my heart for the last 18 1/2 years!  This year we will celebrate 15 years of marriage and I can honestly say that though those years have been full of trials and heartaches, Russell has always been a calm place in rough seas!  

He can make me laugh in the most dismal of moments.  Just a small example!  Several years ago, I was frustrated over something (who knows what now?) and he was trying to soothe me.  I turned to him like a shrew who could not be tamed and said I'm going to knock you to New York City!  One of our sons was standing nearby and Russell said, with a laugh, Grab on Tommy, we're going to New York!  Who can ever be mad at him???

This is the birthday wish Russell got from Charley.....

His mama wrote this with the picture Hope your birthday is as relaxed as I am! The best gift!

I am so thankful that God brought us together.  I'm so thankful he starts a new year today and I'm so thankful that I get to walk through this year with him.  

OH, it's the last year he'll be in the 50's.  I reminded him of that this morning and he said am I 59???

Today I say how thankful I am to have these two birthday boys in my life.  

Happy Birthday to you both and may God richly bless this year!


Needled Mom said...

I love Russell's sense of humor!! What a great guy! Happy birthday to both of them.

I think when our son turned forty it really hit me hard. None of my decade years were difficult, but I must be OLD to have a son who is 40!!!!!

Tonja said...

What a bweautiful post, Nancy! Your son is so hansome and your husband sounds like such a terrific guy. God bless them both!

Gigi said...

Oh Nancy...Russel's comment made me absolutely laugh out loud!!!!

But seriously, he reminds me a lot of my Sweet Hubby...how blessed to have a husband like that!

Happy Birthday all around!!

And can I just say...Charley is just the most handsome thing!

Erin said...

Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog. You are welcome anytime! Happy birthday to your son and husband!

Cathy said...

You are a lucky girl!!! Happy Birthday to your firstborn and your sweet husband!!!

~Carrie from Cottage Cozy~ said...

You are especially blessed...happy birthday to all!

Pauly said...

Thanks Mom, I love you, too. Life's a little trying right now due to some health issues, but I'm still alive, so it can't be that bad!

Dawn said...

What great birthday gifts to each other!

Jessica-Lauren said...

Hello, This was such a beautiful post. I am only 22 but I wish to be just as lucky as you are one day with a lovely wonderful man. He reminds me alot of my boyfriend because of his patience and his strong faith in God. I can get really frusterated about life and where we are headed since he is muslim and I am catholic. But he remains calm and collective through it all and does nothing but show me love and support that I have never felt from no other in my life.

I really enjoyed reading this blog post, I really felt comfort init.

Never ever give up on love<3

Debby said...

It goes by so fast! Happy 40th to your son. You are so blessed. Your husband sounds like a keeper. Mine doesn't have an once of patience!
My husband and I will join him this year, being our last year in the 50's also. Adorable picture of Charley.

Kat said...

Happy Birthday to your two handsome men! Great photos.


Mimi said...

Thank for stopping by my blog today.

You really have a beautiful family!

Mimi said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to these men in your life!!
I finally figured it out today, what IRL meant!!
You wrote that on my blog as part of your comment, and It was driving me crazy!!Tonight it came to me!!!
You were talking about my friends and IN real Life , that I would be a IRL friend!!!
YOU are MY REAL LIFE friend!
i know we only know each other virtually, but to me, my blogger friends are MY REAL LIFE friends!!!
have a Great day!