Monday, August 30, 2010

Friends.....another year gone by...

These two friends and I have birthdays around the same time and once again they rolled around and we had our annual dinner.  

This year Linda, on left, offered to have us to her home for ours girl's night.  We had a delicious meal and a wonderful visit.  We solved most of the world's problems and laughed until we cried several times.

  We have a such a long history together and celebrate good things and cry together during heartaches, and we have had both in abundance!  

Between us, we have eleven children.  Of those, two are at home in heaven, two have either had or have drug and alcohol problems, at least three don't understand the term grow up, four have given us the gift of grandchildren and all are loved even when they aren't so loveable!  

We three started out as Baptist Young Women and now are in three different denominations, but are all followers of Christ.  We have all had three husbands, although I will say I hold the distinction of having the same one twice before marrying the final one.

Sharon on the right has a daughter six weeks older than my granddaughter and both started college recently.

Bottom line, we three are getting old!

Happy Birthday friends, until next year!


Cathy said...

Happpy Birthday girls!!! Nancy, where is your picture???

Mimi said...

What great friends and I agree, as women we need to hold on to our friends for support and to laugh and cry together!!What great friendships they are to you and you to them!
I loved all your little details, life is what it is!!And we all love each other for these life lessons!!

Debby said...

Life is so hard. It's wonderful to have friends to share the highs & lows with. Looks like a great time.