Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Friday and it's stories....

Just a little of this and that to sum up the week.

Monday started out great with a massage....that always makes the week go better.  And not that I need to justify having massages, but since I'm probably the guiltiest person in the universe.....I feel I must.  I clean my own house and mow my own yard because I'd rather have a massage than a clean house. Just kidding!  Sort of.....

Had lunch with mama then came home to wash all the clothes in the entire world...are some of you bringing your clothes and slipping them into my basket??  

My very sweet MIL took us out to eat Monday night for my birthday which I like to stretch out as long as possible.  Picture above.....

Hubby did point out that it is now HIS birthday month !  

Tuesday a sweet group of mamas and children came over to swim.  The kids are all learning to swim and it is so much fun to watch!  

This is especially nice for me since my grandchildren don't live near.

Wednesday my MIL and I rode over to an airport so she would know the way when she picks my SIL up in a few weeks.  We had such a nice time, stopping to shop a little then to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Grand Blvd.  La Cantina good.  We waddled back to the car to come back home.  On the way home I got a call from my brother that mama was sick, so I dropped MIL off at her car and went to mama's.  She was so sick!  Her temperature was subnormal, yet she was sweating and just had lots of symptoms.  Thankfully, we got her doctor on the phone and she didn't have to make an awful trip to the ER!  

Later that day I got a call from my DIL in California......don't panic but Paul's in ICU.  He may have had a stroke.   Thankfully he just had a small TIA and needs to be on cholesterol medicine and aspirin.  He hasn't had the healthiest lifestyle in the past so I pray he will from now on, and have been praising God for watching over him.  No matter how old they get .....and he has a big birthday this month...they are always and forever our babies.

Whew, the week is going forth and I'm kind of thinking about avoiding Thursday and Friday!

Thursday we had another swimming time.....later in the afternoon I drove Matt to the airport to catch a flight to Minnesota to his granny's 90th birthday celebration.  Tommy, Claudia and Charley went too, but flew out of Orlando.  Matt's flight was uneventful.  Tommy, Claudia and Charley had an adventure but did get there eventually.

AND finally Friday.....

As a nice end to a lonnnnggg week, we had dinner with Russell's mom and his niece and nephew who were visiting.

Patrick and Kristen 

Thanks Mema for dinner!  

I did actually have a weekend.  Saturday, a baby shower and Sunday a great day at church and of course our Biblical nap :)

I can hardly believe it's already Wednesday of the next week. ....I'm having trouble with that time management thing!

This week is going fast, but I still have things to say!  Next time!


Needled Mom said...

What a week!!! I am so glad that Paul is doing okay. That is a real scare!!!!!

Loved all the kiddos in the pool. What fun that is for all.

I hope your mom is doing better. Did they figure out what was wrong?

Dawn said...

I wish I could afford to have a massage every week - I just love them.

Care Bear turned into a little fish in the water this year - such fun to watch. Feisty overcame some of her fears, so that was big, too. They're going to Water World tomorrow - big excitement!

You had quite a week!

The Hatcher's said...

Whew! Had to take a deep breath after that post! You are a busy lady. I thought having 9 month old twins was hectic! Happy Birthday to you, and hope that everyone is in good health now.

Tonja said...

Oh! My! What a week you have had! I need a nap just to go on with my reading! Find some time to lay in the son and RELAX!...or get another massage!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Good grief! I'm tired just reading this! :)

Just Breathe said...

Can you say busy.........there is so much going on in your life. Happy to hear that Paul is okay.
Hope your mom is better. The pictures are cute.