Friday, August 20, 2010

A walk, a rescue and a reminder

Lately I've been eating like it was my full time job and I was getting a bonus a little too much and exercising not as much!  So this morning I just bit the bullet, put on my walking shoes and off I went to the brand new dedicated walk/run/bike trail just up the road from our home.  The weather outside was frightening with dark clouds all around but I figured I had just about time to walk before it rained.

I hadn't been walking long when I saw a turtle hightailing it across the road.  The cars were stopped on either side.  Praying he wasn't a snapping turtle, but knowing it would probably thunder soon if he was, I walked out, gingerly picked him up nearer to his back end .......just to be on the safe side.......and put him way off the road heading into the woods.  I'm sure he wasn't happy because he really wanted to get across that road!  I wish I had gotten a picture of him but I forgot my phone is also a camera.  But he really did look a lot like this actual snapping turtle.

Here are some pictures I did take though....

A bank toward the end of my walk...I suddenly remembered my phone takes pictures.   I like this part of the walk because it's shady!

I tried hard to stay under the speed limit!

This cemetery is also on my path.  For several years a sweet older man would come every day rain or shine and sit in a lawn chair by what I assumed was his wife's headstone.  He would have an umbrella always up to keep off the sun and the rain.  I haven't seen him now in a long time and that's all I need to say about that.

And last, but certainly not least, a mother duck with her older ducklings.  A gentle reminder that our babies may get older but they might still try to follow us everywhere!   Mama duck is probably thinking Could you please stop that incessant quacking!

I made it home with just a few sprinkles of rain.  When I got in the garage the bottom fell out and the rain came down!
Now if only I can make myself walk every day!  If not, I'll be waddling like mama duck!


Keetha Denise Broyles said...

What in the WORLD kind of ducks ARE those?


Loui♥ said...

muscovie ducks..

Gigi said...

And you got your good deed for the day out of the way early! Plus I'm sure the drivers were grateful you got the turtle out of the road a little faster as well!

Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a nice walk. Can't help but think.....why did the turtle cross the road...he didn't, NancyGrace took him!!! What a sweet thing you did.

Dawn said...

Love the first sentence. If I lived in your humidity, I wouldn't be walking outside. I think you're doing great.

You had an interesting walk!

Tonja said...

Well, I'm right in there with you on that eating stuff. If some of this stress would go away, then maybe I could get back to being me!!
Love the pics of your walk. How nice to have a place to walk like that! I have one road, that leads on to a busy,busy road. So, I'm afraid, I would have to keep walking the same path and seeing the same things!
Love that you saved the turtle. I always try to do that when I can. Just earned yourself a few brownie points for a good deed!

Needled Mom said...

I enjoyed your walk with you!!! Wish I could have gone along.

That turtle should be glad you came to it's rescue!!!

Together We Save said...

Great job... even a turtle needs saving!!

Mimi said...

I love to walk outside, but I have had to give that up, actually several weeks ago, my neighbors and I walk 3 miles every night, but we stopped in early JULY, JUST WAY TO HOT< And early early doesn't work for everyone, so bedtime(8:30 p.m.) works for most. One of the ladies said a coyote came at her early one morning, so she joined our night group as well, I had not walked in weeks when I went for my physical and saw what I could not believe!!
i had heard of the Freshmen 15 but the MENOPAUSE!!Yes, in 2 short years, I have gained 15 pounds!!SO the treadmill and I are becoming great friends!!
In a few days a post of this very story will be coming up!!!!!
HAve fun walking outside and sprinkles to boot, NO fair!!
Of course I have been to florida many times and know it to be warm and humid!!
HERE it is HOT!!

Midlife Mom said...

Oh I know now that we are kindred spirits! I have rescued so many turtles out of the road and luckily haven't been bitten yet! One day I was waiting for a truck to pass as I was making my way towards a huge turtle and the man in the truck veered and ran right over the poor turtle smashing him to bits! I was so mad!!!! I know he did it on purpose and was chuckling to himself as he did it!!!!!

Pauly said...

Hi again, Mom. Those turtles make, as I'm sure you're aware, very good eating!! I should read your blog more often, it's way better than mine. Love you!

Mrs.G said...

Good for you girl!!!You made your walk and met up with some interesting hiking subjects...that turtle must have been heavy...I am glad he didn't snap at you:)
Thank you so much for stopping by with your warm very much we fall in love with our pets,they are like family.

Blessings Tracy

Mrs.G said...

Oh yes I forgot to say that I too loved your cute description of your hunger pangs...and then crossed over it...too cute!!!

Amber said...

Isn't it hard to WANT to exercise...haha! I want to be skinny...but not necessarily put in all the work! =)