Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Great going's on and what to do?

I am so blessed to be a member of a large family.  Both my mama and daddy came from big families and they dutifully carried on the tradition!  As we always say......at any event, we are assured of a good crowd, even if we only invite family!

Sunday afternoon, my cousins had a 95th birthday celebration for my Aunt Frances.  She's looking good for 95 isn't she?  Aunt Frances is my daddy's sister.  Here are a few pictures of the day.

Aunt Frances with her two daughters, Claire (L) and Ellen (R).  

Aunt Frances with Ellen.....I actually wanted this picture to be first, but I didn't want to mess things up, as I so often do!  So slightly out of order, a young Aunt Frances.

Aunt Frances and me.....yes, showing slightly too much cleavage.  Sorry about that, but when I got a certain, never to be named sister to take another picture, it was blurry.  I tried to edit the picture, but I didn't quite know how to do that.  Anyhow, you're supposed to be looking at the birthday girl!

Aunt Frances with her SIL, Bill.  She's about to blow out her candles.

My brother, Tommy with Aunt Evelyn......the wife of daddy's brother.

 Just a very, very few of the many cousins who could be there for the birthday.  All of us couldn't fit in one room.

Happy, happy Birthday Aunt Frances......We all love you so much!  


So on a completely unrelated note.........as you can probably deduce from this picture, I'm painting my bedroom.  But NOT this color.  This is supposed to be grey but it is most assuredly blue.  In fact after I painted this sample area, my husband walked in and said isn't this close to the blue the room was painted when we married.  And didn't you HATE that color.  And why did you paint such a big area?  At that point I thought it a good idea to smile sweetly and hand him the paint roller to wash.

The reason I'm painting my bedroom is this beautiful quilt.......I'm changing all the colors in my room to match the quilt.  Pictures cannot do it justice, but I got this in a silent auction at our church school's fall festival, knowing full well I would have to change colors.  

One of the ladies in my Bible study group donated the quilt.  She brought four quilts and we voted on which one she would donate and the minute she unfolded this one, I fell in love with it.  It is very unique and I like unique!  So I knew that day that I intended to bid on this quilt.

Folded on the end of my bed.   Isn't it gorgeous?  

Our master bathroom which opens directly off of our bedroom, I plan to paint red.  When I told Russell that, he almost fainted.  But of course, first I must find a real grey and I'm starting to think that could take some time!  

So what do you think?  Does anyone know of a sort of light, but true grey color paint?  I would love any suggestions. 

By the way, I started this project two weeks before Thanksgiving and I'm having my family for Thanksgiving.......almost 50 so far.   I have no idea why I do these things.  

Oh, dear. 


Midwest Nest said...

Nate Berkus' favorite gray is: Benjamin Moore™ 2133-40 Dior Gray. I haven't tried it myself, but I did hear him talk about it on his show. Good luck paint shopping.

Mimi said...

I LOVE LARGE families, I have one, but they are scattered all over the country, so I am the only one left here in AZ, I do have an aunt here who had 5 children and she has 1 daughter left in AZ, but she has alot of grandkids and great grand kids here, so our yearly get together is EASTER, and I think last year we had close to 50!!
It is so fun. My hubby's family is big, but we really do not get together much anymore, his DAD sold his AZ home and only lives in KY now --so we shall see who we see this Christmas. It is very very sad, and I HATE that I have a daughter 2200 miles away(in FL) but she has a great job that she loves so I can not even dare ask her why she moved so far away, I just try and deal with it the best I can.
I LOVE THAT NEW QUILT!!GRAY Paint is hard, and you are asking the wrong person, I hire painters and therefore if I do not like the paint that I meticuously picked out, I am stuck with it!!
MY bedroom colors the burgundy and gold, I LOVE the burgundy, but the gold is a bit to gold and my play room was not quite right either, so I think even though home depot does the matchy matchy thing, it still is not quite right.
GOOD LUCK on GRAY, I would have thought easy choice!!
Oh and doing to much right at Holidays , I AM QUEEN of that!!
It's just how I roll I guess!!Glad I am not the only one!
have a blessed day honey,

Needled Mom said...

What a beautiful birthday gal!! You obviously have very good genes. It is nice to be surrounded by so many loved ones.

I love your quilt!! It is a Log Cabin pattern and the red is the tradional color for the center of the block. It signifies the fire or warmth in the log cabin. I just love it with the black and white combination.

I will be thinking about you on Thanksgiving. We have about 50 comjing so far as well. We can both drop the next day!!

Cathy said...

I think the color up there looks good.......of course, that is coming from the unnamed sister who can't take pictures!!!.............and you know that not a single person in our family cares if it gets painted or stays just like it is!! We are just thankful to have a place to get together!!

Gigi said...

I just smiled and laughed my way through this whole post...especially the part about Russell's reaction to you wanting to paint the bathroom red! Too funny!

The quilt is beautiful...and gray will compliment it beautifully!

50 for Thanksgiving dinner?

Debby@Just Breathe said...

First and foremost Happy Birthday to Aunt Frances and yes she looks wonderful for 95. You are really having 50 people over, OMG! I love the new quilt. When I find the one I have been searching for, for a few years now, I also plan on painting the room to match it.

thouartloosed said...

Think carefully about red in the bathroom. We had a red bathroom and the problem is the color puts a cast on everything-including your face!
It's a beautiful quilt.

Amanda's Journey said...

I'm part of a large family as well, It is such a blessing..especially to be so close with them all. Your pictures are so sweet and I love the Quilt, It is very unique.. I'm sorry I can't help with any suggestions for paint, I don't know the first thing about interior decorating lol.