Friday, November 5, 2010

Reasons not to answer the doorbell....

It used to be just the phone I wouldn't answer before looking at caller I.D.  Can you get doorbell ringer I.D.?  Because I really could have used it today.

First you should know that these two crazies precious pups go completely wild when the doorbell rings.....even if it is on tv........

See how they are always on alert?

If they sense that I may be trying to rest, people start calling and ringing the doorbell.  It's true!  Although it is usually a delivery person with a package for Matt.  No, I don't get that many packages....well not THAT many.

But today.....Good thing I wasn't resting or I might have gotten violent.  

The doorbell rings.....I'll bet you knew that was amid two mad, barking dogs, I answer the door to find this young looking man standing there with a big I'm fixing to try and sell you something look on his face.

Turns out he's just out of the marines and is in a public speaking contest and if he wins he gets to go to Spain.

Have you ever been to spain?  he asks.

No, but I might as well just tell you now I'm not buying anything.  says the hacked off housewife who is trying to keep her dogs from running out the front door.

 Him....Oh, no mam....but you do want me to win this contest don't you....

Me...Not really, I actually could care less....I would actually prefer that you go out and get a real job that doesn't entail ringing my doorbell.  (O.K. I said that in my head).

Him.......all you have to do is subscribe to one of these magazines as he whips out the order form from his back pocket.

ME.....No thanks....I wouldn't care to order any magazines today, but thank you.

Him......well, most people at least order one just to help me out.

Me.......well good luck with that, but I wouldn't care to order any I'm trying to close the door.

Him as he turns to walk away.....well, thanks a lot...he was mad and said that really sarcastically and walked off through my front yard to my next door neighbor's house.

So after I get over thinking what a nerve this guy has, I get in my car, drive out of my garage and run to pick up paint samples.  I'm gone maybe 15 minutes.

When I drive back into the driveway, open the garage door, drive in and park and get out of my car.....guess who walks up and says.....with a big grin on his face.

Hello mam, I've just been to see your neighbor (uses her first name here) and she says you'd be happy to help me out with this contest I'm in to learn public speaking and win a trip to Spain.....

Me......She did huh?  Well you've already been to my door, I declined and my answer is still no.  

Since I was now in the garage and not at the front door, he had forgotten that he had already been to my door!

What I wanted to say was this..... maybe memory lessons would serve you better than public speaking.  You seem to have no problem spinning lies speaking.

Yes, I know that was probably mean, but if this guy had spent four years in the marines (or so he says), he now needs to get a job!  Then if he wants to go to Spain, he can buy a ticket and go like the rest of us.....only I've never been if you'll remember.

Before I can walk back in the garage door.....he know I'm from South Carolina, a little town of 1,500 people and jobs just aren't that easy to come by.

Me.......well how did you get here?  Really, I do always wonder how these kinds get here?  At my door????

HIM.......frustrated......because I'm in this contest.

Me......once again, good luck to you, I wouldn't care to subscribe to any magazines!

So as the garage door slides down blocking out this pest young man, I contemplate turning on my alarm system in case he's seeking revenge against the mean old woman who wouldn't order any magazines!



Katie and Beau said...

Bless his heart, you better go find him and order a magazine or two from him. You're getting grumpy in your old age!!!!!

Mrs.G said...

Oh boy...he was as persistent as one of those JW's with their Watchtower magazines:)))
Cute doggies!!!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Oh, I am SOOOOO with you on this one! When that storm hit our home in Marion just before we moved, in the space of 2 short weeks we had more than 20 people at our door trying to get us to hire them to do our repairs.

Sometimes I just ignored the doorbell and hoped they'd go away!

Gigi said...

Years ago, my cousin and his wife were living in Alabama and one of these door to door magazine sales people came around...same story - some kind of contest. Why are they always in some kind of contest? Anyway, he was v-e-r-y she left him at the door to go write a check. She turned around and he was IN HER HOUSE. Very threatening!!! Just be careful. I've been suspicious of those door to door people ever since!

Personally, unless I'm expecting someone, I never answer my door! I figure if they don't have the courtesy to call first, I don't have the courtesy to open my door. Period!

Tonja said...

They can be just as annoying as some of those Witnesses who are repeatedly trying to save my soul because even though I've been a Christian since I was in the 5th grade, I don't know how to be really saved. Yeah, I'd put my alarm on, too.
One of the things Don did when he set up the electronics in this house...when the doorbell rings a camera pops up on our TV to show a pic of the door.

carma said...

Someone with this same spiel came into the place I work a year ago. He started getting angry when I said that I wouldn't buy. And walked out annoyed too, after wasting about 20 minutes of my time. I was furious. I went home and tried to google the organization but couldn't remember the exact name. Doubtful it is legit if this is their selling tactic. First they are uber friendly then it turns to belligerence. Next time do not answer the door. That is my approach at home and if I hadn't been at work I would have done the same....

Midlife Mom said...

Yikes, that is a bit scary! I don't open my door any more unless I know the person or they are in a delivery truck with the name on it that I recognize. You just can't be too careful these days. I think I would have turned my alarm on! I'm a wimp!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I went through that the other day, not quite as bad as your story. I normally don't answer the door and I was so sorry that I did.

The Hatcher's said...

That always happened to us in Memphis! We'd get those magazine sellers at least once a month. And I agree, it's no easy tasks to open the door with two dogs on guard! Throw in two infants with that and it makes for an extra special challenge!