Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So.....Thanksgiving is coming....

Fast.....very fast.  We will be having about 52 people for Thanksgiving this year, so I need to be cleaning, clearing out the garage because we will need tables there, getting the tables and chairs and generally getting ready for THANKSGIVING.

What I'm actually doing....besides panicking, that

Painting sample colors on my walls.....and here they are.  I'm loving this green for my living room

As you can see, it's taking several times to find the right grey for my bedroom.....not sure this is it yet.

The light is bad, but this is red......for my master bath......oh, yes, there will be a new light fixture.  These are soooooo old and out of date.

In case you were wondering, this is part of my warped personality.  When I have a big job ahead of me, I immediately start another big job as if it were the only thing I had going on.

Of course, we cannot possibly get the painting done before Thanksgiving so what you see is what my house will look like for that special day!  

Maybe we can just take votes on who likes what.  

Don't look at us,  it was her crazy idea.  All we wanted was a treat!  


Needled Mom said...

Oh my gosh...we are sooooo alike!!! I even have the same old light fixture in my guest bathroom. Time for a redo!!!

Love that green paint. It is such a pretty color.

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

I like all your colors - - - your living room green looks a lot like the color I had in the entry hall back in Marion. Too bad we aren't neighbors, Fisherhubby could have that all painted for you BEFORE Thanksgiving since he is still waiting for his new job to start.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love the colors, especially the green! How do you handle so many people. I would run and hide!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

~loving the new colors~ Have a wonderful time~ Don't panic!

emily said...

i love you!!! this is SO something i would do!!!!!!! except i would beg brian into working late into the night so that everything could look perfect for the family gathering. so i'm proud of you for just accepting that it won't be done. :) love the colors too. :)

Kat said...

I think your idea of getting everyone's vote is a good one. Followed by handing them a paintbrush! Make them work for their meal. Hehehe!


Gigi said...

52??!!! You are a braver woman than I. Much, much braver. In fact, I need a sedative just thinking about that!

Love the green - so peaceful!

Gray is HARD. It's either too blue or too...battleship!! Hard to find that middle ground. My girlfriend in Savannah found the perfect gray - it is divine! Soft and foggy and misty - just what a gray should be!

So did you decide to keep the red?

carma said...

52 people - that is insane!!! love the green - very nice shadeb

Tonja said...

I would do the same thing! And, have before. But, where we differ is...I would have to finish painting before they came! You are better off to just not fret about it! Like the green. And, the lighter shade of grey. Know it will be fun with all those people, too!

Mimi said...

your company will understand and NOT mind at all, they are there after all for the food and the company!!
I love all those color choices!!Love the GREEN and the Gray!!I think it will be perfect, And YOU KNOW I LOVE that RED, red is my fav color, only my house I have NO red, but lots of burgundy, but that counts in the red family to me!!
Have a Great day and week
and big HUGS 2 U,

Cindy said...

yup, the green is my favorite, great color for the livingroom! My good friend just painted a bathroom red, it's great. I do like the lighter colors of grey...good luck deciding! I'm trying to get motivated for painting, keep it up. I hope i'm inspired soon.

Amber said...

I can definitely relate to taking on big projects in the middle of a big project...sigh! Maybe it's a woman thing?! =) Happy Thanksgiving a little early!