Monday, June 2, 2008

Busy Weekend.

It's official! Summer has arrived and it is hot! But it is beautiful and sunny.

Oh, yes, today is also the beginning of hurricane season. We start watching the coast of Africa for any development, then tracking it to see where it is headed. I'm praying they all go far away and hit no land mass....they make me nervous.

I love these flowers....they come back every year and require little to no nurturing. That's a good thing!

This has been a very busy weekend. Our church has called a new senior pastor. Our senior pastor is going to be assistant minister for missions. He will be spending more time in Uganda and possibly other places. Friday nite we had a time of fellowship and getting to know Cory Colravy and his family. It was lots of fun and they seem to just fit right in with everyone. Blogger isn't letting me link (don't even say it) but this is the link to our pastor's website. It is very interesting and tells everything you need to know to go to Africa.

Saturday morning the elders met with him to ask him questions, have him ask them questions and just get to know each other.

Saturday afternoon, I attended the 80th birthday party for my aunt. This is she and her 3 children.

Saturday nite, we attended the 50th Wedding Anniversary for a sweet couple in our church, then met Russell's mother, his nephew and wife and his nephew's wife's parents for dinner.

This morning, we had breakfast at church, then a question and answer time with the new pastor elect. He preached, we held a congregational meeting and voted UNANIMOUSLY to officially call him to be our pastor.

We went home, I went into a mini coma for a couple hours, got up and went back to church. This has been a full weekend.


Dawn said...

Sounds like a wonderful, though exhausting week-end! Getting a new pastor is always exciting.

Your aunt looks marvelous at 80!

Kelsey S said...

What beautiful flowers! You all are so lucky to have sun!


Welcome to Our Lives... said...

Whew!! What a weekend- glad it was a great one. :)

leslie said...

Busy, Busy, Busy!

What are those yellow flowers? They're so pretty and I'm on the lookout for something for my garden.