Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Oops! I forgot to say that I'm flying out to San Diego, CA for my grandson and granddaughter's birthdays. They were sweet enough to be born in the same month so I can celebrate with both!

While, I'm on the subject, I've just been did I get grandchildren 12 and 16 years old??? What happened? Was I looking the other way?? Am I getting old????

No, that can't be it.

The tickets are officially bought. My sister is going with me.


Tonja said...

Oh, thanks...I couldn't stand the thought of you out flying around with no destination!!! I hear that is a beautiful city. Have fun!

Dawn said...

I am so glad you are having a wonderful trip - time goes so fast! I hope you find just the right locket - or rocket! Too funny.

You need this - have fun!! Go to Sea World!

Needled Mom said...

San Diego is beautiful. You will have a great trip. Happy birthday to the "kids" too.

leslie said...

You were a "child bride" and so were your kids! That's "my" story and I'm sticking to it. lol Have lots of fun and keep us updated on all the festivities!