Sunday, June 8, 2008

I may not be....

I may not be technologically all that savvy....but I am sitting here in charge of my husband's blackberry (I fondly call it blueberry which drives him crazy!) He's out pressure washing the driveway and can't hear it ring, so I'm officially in charge!

Actually, we were both working outside. I recently cut back a lot of border grass that had just gotten out of control, so I put 18 bags of cypress mulch out before the thunder got so loud that I decided I could possibly be hit by lightning if I didn't get inside. We really are the lightning capital of the world. Maybe the US? We have a lot of lightning!

So, I came in and showered, even though you really shouldn't do that in the lightning either! I was really dirty! DH played worked in his RV (by the way, I pronounce that verrrry southern, like this, ARE V), just so you know, until the lightning and the rain stopped and then went back to work pressure washing. I chose not to work any longer as I was clean and all.

Which brings us to why I've been placed in such a position of responsibility with the Blueberry :). Something isn't working right in the RV and he's waiting for a call from someone who may be able to tell him how to fix that something. I don't know what it is, just that I can't help. Oh, I mean except by waiting for the ringing of the phone. Hopefully, I can figure out how to answer!

We went to a beautiful wedding last nite.....It also would have been the 60th wedding anniversary of my inlaws. So after the wedding, we skipped out on the reception and took MIL to dinner. All of us children and grandchildren sent her flowers to honor the day. When I called the florist, she said they could do it, but that it was a very busy Saturday with weddings. The reason? The date was 06-07-08, and apparently many people wanted to be able to say they were married on 6 7 8.

But when these two got married it was 06-07-1948!

So this Sunday is drawing to a close. Oh, an update on the mama and baby I asked you all to pray for! Glad I remembered! The mama is doing great! So is the baby!!!! 1 lb. at birth, but she may have gained some by now, I don't know. She has a long way to go, but way to go Audra! Please keep praying. This is the best prayer group I've ever known!


Leigh said...

Wow! That is a wonderful thing to celebreate.. I wish them many more happy years together!

Tonja said...

vfiI would have been inside at the first hint of lightning! That is something I do not want to mess around with. And, should NOT be taking a bath or shower then! Sounds as if you got a lot of work done though!

I know this was a hard day for MIL. How nice of you to bothe be with her.

I can hardly answer my own phone...I get too confused trying to work any other one.

Have a good week!

leslie said...

The daughter of friends had her baby at 24 weeks, too, and he's doing just fine now. I'll be praying. :)

Needled Mom said...

GREAT news about Audra. I hope you keep us updated on her progress.

I am so glad that you took your MIL to dinner. I am sure it was a tough day for her. Who would have thought about the date????

Hope the ARE-V is working okay.

Dawn said...

I hadn't heard that date significante - Iknow there were dozens around here on 07/07/07.

I know this was a difficult day for you NIL. Wha a sweet picture. My parents were 60 years in 06.