Friday, June 20, 2008

Help needed....

Next week, I'll be flying out to California to see my grandchildren. My grandson will be having his 12th birthday and my granddaughter her 16th. You all know that, I've raved about it, but I do have a small problem.

I always give them money for their birthdays, but since I'll actually be there, I want to take a small "extra" gift. Ashley is getting the locket she wants, I've got a cute outfit for their little sister, but I'm stuck on Adam.

WHAT DO YOU GET A 12 YEAR OLD BOY????? Remember, it has to be small and light. The suitcase you know.

So if any of you have a 12 year old or know what to get a 12 year old, please, I'm begging you, let me know fast!


Keetha said...

A t-shirt with the logo of either one of his favorite music groups or a computer game.

If he loves sports - - - a ball cap of his favorite pro or college team.

A Shirt of his favorite pro or college team.

Anything Abercrombie or Hollister. (Clothing companies - - - I only know this 'cause I teach Jr Hg an HS)

Cathy said...

Hollister is what I was trying to think of the other day!!

andi said...

How about a gift card to Circuit City or Best Buy if he has a video game or an X box. That way he could buy a game with it. Or you could find out if he has a gameboy and get the game for it. I know you will have a great time! My kids love it when their grandparents come visit! Thanks for your comments on the iron. I think it might be burnt starch. Ben has a lot of no iron shirts and I am with you, I LOVE them. Too bad all clothes aren't made that way. Especially for the little guys. I have 3 boys and lots of button down shirts and khakis for them too. Have you seen the shirts that are no iron for kids? Hope you can find a gift for your grandson! Keep us posted on what you end up with. :)

Leigh said...

Does he have any computer/electronic games? Or what about a CD?

Tonja said...

I have great luck with give those gift cards that look like credit cards. They think those are so cool to carry in their wallet. I have given them for Blockbuster and packaged it with a box of microwave popcorn. My boys always loved to get them to Books a Million or Barnes and Nobel, too. Band N have music and books. I also think Circut City would be a great idea.