Thursday, June 5, 2008

Life is just soooooo daily!

And is that just too true???

This life is not easy. Things are always going this way or that way, or the wrong way.

Hey, but on a more pleasant note, well not pleasant, but anyway.....our youngest who is home for the summer bought a Wii Fit! Today I worked out 24 minutes and felt like I had been in the gym for an hour.....It's great! I did balance, aerobics, strength and one yoga stretch. I'm here to tell you it is a hard but oh, so fun way to work out. I immediately got on the Internet trying to find know the boy does have to go back to college at the end of the summer.....and there was not one to be found. There is even a Wii tracker??? Who knew? He says I can use it every day.....I wonder if I'll be able to turn it on?

On the down side, the hateful thing figures your BMI and told me I was overweight! Did it think I somehow didn't know this and needed to be reminded??? NO! But I figure if I work out on that every day, by the end of the summer I should look good! Oh, wait, it isn't a plastic surgeon, but maybe they'll come out with that soon! I'll be so happy!!!

Please, on a serious note, pray for my niece's friend and her family. She had her baby at only 24 weeks. The mother was very sick, but is getting better. The baby weighed 1 lb.1 oz. She is hanging on.


Cathy said...

The baby's name is Audra Elizabeth and she will be 4 days old tomorrow, so please keep praying that she gets stronger every day!! thanks

Tonja said...

I heard those are pretty nice, and good to use. But, I do not like machines being able to tell me things. kind of scary to me.

Midwest Nest said...

Last time I was at SAMs they had a Wii Fit. I don't know if they still have them available.

Needled Mom said...

I think that I will pass on the Wii -- TMI, as they say!

Prayers are heading in the way of the little Audra Elizabeth and her family. I worked with preemies for many years and I have to tell you that it was very touching when I ran into one of my 1# graduates when she was 13 years old. She was doing well in school and all else that teenagers do. I wish Audra the same in the rocky few months ahead of them.

Dawn said...

When I think of how tiny our little twins were, I can't imagine one this tiny! That is really early.

I entered a contest at my gym for a cruise - that did my BMI and I was "pre-obese". Great! At least it was "PRE!"

Leigh said...

Prayers are lifted to you friend.

I need the wiifit too. I am going to check my area.

Keetha said...

Hi and thank you for coming to my blog and leaving me a message today. I think it's funny that you found me through the garden post when I have a brown thumb and ZERO gardening skills. Hehehehehehehe

Also - - - we have similar furniture, so I'm SURE it MUST be God's will that we meet and become blog buddies.