Thursday, June 19, 2008

Life gets back on track.....

Today was my first day back to my Thursday morning Bible study in a while! I co-lead with another girl who has pitched right in and been so faithful while I was out helping care for my FIL. It felt so good to be back. To sit around the table with these sweet sisters in Christ and discuss questions.

Oh, of course, next week I'll be out to California! I'm excited and nervous about going out to visit the grandchildren and their parents! Excited to see them all, nervous about packing and flying. O.K. packing. I know I have been to every store in our town looking for things small and light! These new packing rules have thrown me for a big loop.

Because I need my stuff. I really, really don't know how to travel light. It's a good thing I don't fly much or I would have to hire a professional packer!

Oh, and I don't do that great with airplanes. I get really scared, frightened, terrified.......get the picture? I'm not sure if I've told my airplane story before, so if you've heard it, just skip this part. When my soon to be 16 year old granddaughter was 5 weeks old, my then 12 year old son and I went out to visit. Oh, what a feeling when I walked off that plane and took that sweet baby girl into my arms for the first time. I'll never forget the feeling of love that just gripped my heart and has never let go.

It was a wonderful trip. I turned 40 while we were there. I slept on a cot in this young families apartment. Cots aren't for 40 year old grandmothers.

Eight days later, we boarded a plane to return home. I was exhausted, I mean down to the bone.

I hadn't flown much and hadn't been to an airplane bathroom since my now 37 year old son was 15 months old. But, nature and the soon to be long forgotten free soft drinks took their course, and I finally had no choice but to get in a long line for the restroom. (rest being the thing I needed most).......

I got into the bathroom, which in airplanes is the size of a postage stamp, thought I locked the door, sat down to "rest" and with my elbow resting on my leg, holding my head up. Suddenly the door opened....that's right it just opened and there was a man who was every bit as mortified as I was. Just at that moment I glanced over at the mirror and thought to myself,oh, my gosh, I didn't realize how really wrinkled you get when you're tired well, you can stay in this tiny room until you land, or you can just muster up whatever dignity you have left and exit back to your seat. I exited, the guy was nowhere to be seen, but a little girl in line, oh, maybe 10, was snickering. I'm thinking the guy probably jumped out of the plane, I never saw him again.

I inclined my seat the 1/4 inch it reclines and promptly went to sleep only to wake when we landed at our destination.

I am fully expecting this flying experience to be much, much better! It will probably help that there are no more free drinks on the plane!


Dawn said...

I am discovering how far behind I am with all my friends' news! I hope your flight goes well - I can't imagine how someone could even open the door to those ridiculously tiny rooms enough to even see you! Hilarious story, but humiliating for you!

I am not afraid of flying, but I don't enjoy it any more with long legs and claustrophobia. Do they really not serve pop any more?? They still did last time I flew at Christmas time.

nancygrayce said...

Actually, I'm not sure what they serve anymore. I just hear little snippets on the news about flying and I get all crazy! I'm just a big chicken in general. :) I always want the seats by the exits because they have more leg room. You talk about claustrophobia, oh, dear, I just think about it and my breathing gets labored! This should be very interesting for my sister. She could have claw marks in her arms by the time we arrive!

Keetha said...

I actually love to fly, and when we went to Ft. Myers, FL in March, there were still serving free soda/juice/water. BUT - - - I've heard those same reports you've heard that they are either now or soon will be charging even for soda.

Sad day - - - flying is getting to be worse than going by bus!!!

Leigh said...

have a safe and happy trip!