Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Almost Thanksgiving!

My Thanks giving table.....

I was so happy to finally find my pilgrim man and woman.....I had searched every box, drawer, utility room. I discovered them just a few days ago in the box where I had stored the wooden pumpkins.......which I had already taken out! They are in the glass dish on the table. DUH! Sometimes I just have to wonder....I put things in safe places, so safe they are never seen again unless you come across them by accident while looking for something else!

Getting the house ready for guests, washing clothes and going over my reasons for Thanksgiving!

No matter how grim life seems, if you just stop a moment and count those blessings, thing just look a little better!

We will all gather at my nephew's home for our Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. 62 + or - of us. Yes I said 62. When my mama and daddy had 6 kids, they were assuring a good crowd for every occasion!


Sharon said...

Wowwwww, thats alot of people gathered in one home, but I am sure you all will have a good time. I have people coming over that I don't even know who they are. I have about 20 so I won't be on the puter much after tonite. I have alot to do.
Have a Blessed day and a wonderful Thanksgiving
I love your table arrangements

Tonja said...

Wow! That will be some gathering! Bet there is always lots of fun, though!

Katie and Beau said...

I love your vases! If I ever have a special occassion I may ask to borrow them :)

Needled Mom said...

I put things in "safe" places all the time - never to be found when I need them. Sigh.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

Dawn said...

I hope they have a really big house! We have a huge family, but don't all get together very often. Have a wonderful time!

Nicole said...

Wow, that's a lot of people! How blessed you are with family! Family is such a blessing! Your table is so pretty!

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for you!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! :-) Love the Thanksgiving decor. I am planning on a giveaway soon to get some more readers since I'm a newbie. So stay tuned! Have a fab weekend!