Thursday, November 27, 2008


First let me say a very Happy 1st Anniversary to Katie and Beau! Beau said if the first year is the hardest, they've got it made! AHHHH. They are really so happy! I'm thankful for the two of you!

Thanksgiving day, 2008 was a wonderful day of family, food and, like all families a smattering of drama here and there! Just to make it fun!

We originally thought there would be 62 people at our Thanksgiving feast, but I think we ended up with only 56. Everyone is always welcome at our functions, so we always have our in laws, outlaws and friends.

My parents produced 6 children who all married, only two of us more than once :), making 12 children......we children then produced 16 of our own........who in turn have blessed us to date with 15 more. Let me just say that if you invite our family to any function, you are always assured of a good crowd!

These pictures represent just a few of the things I'm thankful for this year!

Every day of every year, I'm thankful that in His mercy, God chose me to be His own, and for our blessings too many to number!

Below is my sister Cathy, my sister-in-law Lois, my niece Kathleen and my sister Debbie.

My niece Jonieda with her father in law (my brother in law) Dick, my niece Jenny, who was our sweet hostess and my brother Michael from the back. I asked him to put his beer behind him. Cute, Michael!

The originator of this clan, my mama with 3 of her great grands, Abbey, Maggie and Emily.

My nephew, Andy with his fiance.

My niece, Amy with her husband John and their two boys arriving.

Mike and Jenny had tables set up in every available space!

Even a children's table under their stairs!

Below is husband Russell talking with my nephew, Mike who was also the host, with my nephew Chris in the background.

Another table set up on the pool deck.

Yet another table with family enjoying good conversation!

My nephew Don (the oldest grandchild) with his wife, Kathleen.

My nephew Chris with his sweet girlfriend, Kayla.

The three of ours who were able to come, Matt, Tommy and his wife Claudia. We missed Paul, David and our grands.

My sister Cathy with her grands.

Niece, Jenny at the dessert table! We also lay claim to some fabulous cooks!

My two mothers, my mama and Russell's mama.

The three sisters, in reverse birth order, Debbie, me and Cathy,minus a small amount of head! I'm not sure who took this picture!

A gaggle of girls! Three are great grands and two are grands. My mother's oldest grandchild is 43 and her youngest grandchild is 4.

I'm sorry to say, I didn't get nearly enough pictures of the food! What a feast! But here the food is being readied, meaning we're about to dig in!

My youngest brother, Steve, his wife Monica and the two youngest grands, Bella and Torrie. Steve also has a 22 year old son, Bryce. He came in later.

The main table, otherwise known as the grown up table. Only now, we have too many grown ups to fit at one table!!!

We were figuring and we think our entire family was there with the exception of my nephew Tommy, my sons Paul and David and my grandchildren. Pretty good for a family of our size!
We all had a wonderful day filled with good food, good fellowship and all the trimmings that make Thanksgiving, well, a day to give thanks! We are richly blessed as a family.
We have our ups and downs, our illnesses and like I said the ocassional moment of drama, but we have too many blessings to count! Thank you Lord!


Cathy said...

I counted about 65, if you count Bryce, Jo's aunt and uncle, May and Don who all showed up later for dessert. Also, Wendy's daughter brought a friend.........anyway, there was a bunch of us and I was very thankful that it was at Mike and Jennie's.........Could you send me all of the pictures, please???

Dawn said...

Looks like a wonderful day - we had such a small crowd for a change - very pleasant and relaxing. I was tired, but that's nothing out of the ordinary!

I got one tree up yesteday with the "help" of the girlies. They love to help!

There's a huge gap between the last of your post and the comment link. Maybe you can go in and fix it?

Kristen has a new post up - if you have a minute to go over and visit - I wish she had more time to visit everyone!

Leigh said...

Looks like a wonderful celebration!
A beautiful family! And You NG and your sis are as cute as pie!

Needled Mom said...

It looks like a large AND wonderful gathering. Cathy looks so much like you. You could be twins!

nancygrayce said...

Cathy's probably right about 65. I forgot the ones who came in later.

If anyone knows and is willing to tell me how to fix the HUGE space between my posts, please, please help a doddering old woman! Thanks!

Katie and Beau said...

Looks like a fun time! If my whole family tried to get together like that, it would end with a family fight!

Leslie: said...

Nancy, you're so lucky to have such a huge family. Ours is small, but very close - and maybe it will grow by one in the future! *grin*