Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just to say.....

I can't believe it is Thursday already. We had a great time in Austin with Emily, but more on that later.

I spent one entire day in the waiting room with two dogs. You talk about fun! Did I mention it rained most of the day? Yes, so walking the dogs wasn't a good option....but if you have dogs, you know that sometimes they HAVE to go out.

Tuesday and Wednesday in Austin, back here Wednesday nite.

Today we sold our children to paid the bill and moved on down to the factory where they make the motor homes and took a tour of the factory. Oh, Yes we did! As I type Russell is in a tech talk. I decided to stay in the motor home.

So where ever YOU are today, have a great one!


Tonja said...

I'm just so sorry, but I don't think I could get very excited over touring the motor home factory. But, that's just me...I'm sure it was just a lovely tour!

Please forgive me for my comments, I couldn't help myself!

Leslie: said...

Hi Nancy, I was away myself for several days (see my blog posts) so haven't been over. Hope you're having a nice (RESTFUL - lol) time and don't have to drive too much. I don't think I'd like to drive a motorhome myself. At least you have your laptop so you can stay in touch with us all. And touring a motorhome factory??? What's up with that??? Well, he owes you one, now, my friend! lol Take him somewhere he'd be bored! No No! that'd be mean. Just rest rest rest - you obviously will need it when your patience gets stretched further. LOL

Needled Mom said...

My father would have loved that tour. Glad things have gone well so far.