Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Texas trip ......continued

Tuesday things started looking up! We left the motorhome at the shop and drove over to Austin to visit Emily!

Here we are cuddled in her big chair! Emily is a physical Therapist and has already bought her first home. She's done a lot of work on it, even though it was brand new! It's really nice.

Later Tuesday evening, Emily's boyfriend Jeff came over and we all went to dinner at a really neat place overlooking a huge lake. I think it was called the Oasis (Emily correct me if I'm wrong.) The food was great and we really enjoyed visiting with Emily and Jeff.

Of course, there were lots of pictures to be taken. This stair case was just the perfect kodak moment! Even if I do have a Canon camera!

A good shot of Emily and Jeff. Thanks Jeff for a great dinner and fun evening.

Back at Emily's, we said good night to Jeff as he left for home to get some sleep so he could get up and work Wednesday. The rest of us had the day off! Emily did work a little Wednesday morning which gave us time to get ready.

Emily was our tour guide around the city of Austin. We ate at this wonderful Mexican Restaurant. I mean absolutely, without a doubt the best food we've eaten in a long time!!!
You know, in other words, we really enjoyed the food! Unfortunately they gave very large portions and we couldn't take our left overs with us because we weren't going right back to her house. BOO! That would have been some really good supper.

We sat outside. The day was so beautiful and not too hot, not too cool. Just right! We walked from the capital to this restaurant about two city blocks away.

The capital was so interesting. First of all we were amazed at the freedom to enter and roam around the building. No one checked our bags, we just walked right in and started looking. There were lots of children on field trips. Yes, we went the opposite way from where they were. Nothing against the children, I've just done 7 million many field trips in my day and I didn't want to do another one while on vacation.
The history in the Texas capital is everywhere, it would take more than one trip to go through the entire building. Because of space problems and a lack of land, the capital has an entire wing underground. Totally amazing because when you're down there you don't feel at all like you're underground.

These hinges are on every door in the capital....three on each door. They weigh 8 lbs each. Aren't they beautiful? A little Texas trivia for you!

This is a view of the capital from the car. I couldn't get a good picture of the whole building, but you get the drift.

Finally, ladies and gentlemen, drum roll please, my husband giving a press conference! If only he'd had a cowboy hat and some boots and a big belt buckle, he could have passed for the Governor of the great state of Texas!
The funny thing about that is, they were really having a press conference in another room. I guess it wasn't the Governor, so they didn't use the podium!

There's just a little more of Austin I want to show you, but it will have to wait until tomorrow. I'm still not caught up on things here! SHOCK!


Jason and Roxy said...

Looks like y'all had a great time! I'm trying to go to San Antonio for a continuing education course in April... if it gets approved hopefully I'll get to see EM a bit... I think Austin is only 80 miles away from there. That is, if she's still there. Any news on the ATL gig with her?

nancygrayce said...

NO news yet I don't think. Oh, she liked San Antonia it's such a pretty town....I think I went there 30 years ago. Why am I so old???

Dawn said...

Sounds like a really good time. The food sounds wonderful.

The capitol building is lovely - I'm with you on getting away from hoardes of kids in a field trip! Or even hoardes of senior citizens on a tour bus in Hawaii - we run the other direction as fast as possible!

When I was at the university, sometimes a bunch of middle school kids would come for a science fair or something - really good kids, but middle school just the same. I'd find myself surrounded by them and would actually start hyperventilating! Not good.

Katie and Beau said...

Did you take pictures of her house? Send me some of those.

Needled Mom said...

It looks and sounds like it was a wonderful trip.....many happy faces.

I LOVE those hinges! How interesting that you do not have to go through security to access the capitol.

Connie said...

I got to go to Austin for a seminar and loved walking around the town. It's a really nice place to visit. Glad you are having a good time. Thanks for stopping by the other day. Connie