Friday, November 7, 2008


Since Wednesday morning, I have been praying, thinking and searching my heart to determine for myself how I really feel about our new president.

Now, my prayer was Thy will be done......God is certainly not surprised by the results of the election. He is sovereign and in control.

But, as a lame human, I am waiting now to listen as the president elect speaks for the first time since being elected and am interested to know what he's going to tell the nation.

This whole week has been just too stressful and busy and although I'm glad it's Friday, we leave at 6:30 am tomorrow to drive to Texas! You know that HUGE state!? We're taking the motor home to have a few repairs and while we're there, we'll drive over to Austin to see Emily!

DH wants me to drive some of the way.....I can only drive 2 hours at a time because it makes me so tired and I'm a wimp.


Husband asks me last night if I was ready....???? To which I calmly replied could I possibly get ready with all I have to do??? what do you mean by the word ready? He replies, you know, make sure the motorhome is suppied with all we'll need, get your clothes in the closet, make frozen dinners to take with us (that last part was a joke). I have a policy, I never cook while on vacation.

So today I've been trying to fit my whole closet into the very small closet in the motor home ,decide what to take and decide if I need fall, winter, spring or summer clothes. Today, here in Florida it's summer.

Well, all, let's keep our chins up and when they're down, pray!

p.s. I realize none of this makes any sense!


windycorner said...

Hi Nancy,
Your trip sounds like fun, especially the getting to see Emily part. When you get a chance, check out and find out all about what the Obama presidency has in store for us. It's pretty scary, frankly. Get ready for a giant step back in time to the bad ol' days.

Needled Mom said...

It all makes perfect sense to me.

Hope you have a wonderful and safe trip.

Keep praying while your driving.

Dawn said...

Makes sense to me, too. I'm trying to not be negative, but it is VERY hard! I long for the Lord's return!

Tonja said...

Makes perfect sense to me. Have a great trip! Rest and relax! Blessing as you travel!

Keetha said...

We lived through 8 years of Clintons.

This too shall pass.

All we have to do is keep our eyes fixed on the author and giver of our salvation instead of on this world.

Katie and Beau said...

I never knew you were so into politics! I was really looking forward to the days following election day because I thought the buzz would die down. Guess not because it's still all over T.V. and your blog, too :-)

Have a great time on vaca! Did you take Jack and Mikey? Take some good pictures so you have new blog material!

Sheryl said...

Makes perfect sense to me - so what does that say about me? Hope your trip is lots of fun.