Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Take the dogs to the vet day.....

These two had an appointment at the vet today. Just their annual checkup....of course Mikey has allergy problems and Jack is crazyhas issues! By the time we got out of the vet's office we might as well be taking toddlers to the doctor in more ways than one!

First, we go in.....Mikey is walking on his two back legs he's so excited and is on a short leash, while issue boy has to be pulled or carried. I carried him so I wouldn't look like an abusive pet owner.

There are other dogs in the waiting room. Nice, well behaved dogs. Sitting quietly in their owner's laps. NOOOOOO, not my babies. They go crazy immediately trying to get to the other dogs and whining. Other dog owners look at me with pity. I know what they thinking. Maybe she should get help for them. After a while they quiet down and we wait for ONE hour. Told you it was like taking kids to the doctor didn't I?

When we finally get back in the room and they get their dreaded shots and we find out Mikey has an ear infection and needs medication for that AND his allergies.....AND that they both need special for the allergies and one for Jack who throws up a little too often. Especially if he's on my bed. Usually on my side! Oh, and the vet offered to put Jack on prozac, no kidding. I told her I would work with him more at home. I won't, but she won't know until next year. AND she said we need to hire an animal behaviorist for him. I needed one for my children too and since they didn't get one, I can't in good conscience get one for my dog!

Take another look at them. At bedtime, Mikey always has to have his chicken and Jack always has to have his man legs. Yes, I said man legs. It used to be a whole man, but Jack chewed his upper body off. Then Mikey chewed one leg off, so actually I guess we should call it man leg. Anyway, they can't go to bed without them!

Did I mention they are just like children!? Maybe I need the behaviorist!

I finally did get productive today. I shampooed my carpet in the living room and scrubbed the tile in the kitchen. I did a few other housewifely things too.

I do realize this is so boring, but I wanted to make sure you didn't think my life was too exciting.

Actually, there are some really serious things happening right now. Humor, and the hand of the Lord, has always been my way of coping. If you think of us, pray for a few unspoken requests!


Jason and Roxy said...

For the record, this post was amusing, not boring at all! And Prozac? I didn't know they gave that to dogs! And lastly, I will be praying for those unspoken requests... (you're right, humor is the best medicine). =)

Keetha said...

I knew they gave prozac to dogs, but I think that's just crazy.

The man leg thing is a stitch.

Dawn said...

I'm glad you're able to find humor in the midst of "stuff." I'm picturing the "perfect" doggies in the waiting room. Too funny!

PamperingBeki said...

"Jack always has to have his man legs" Bahaha!!! Hysterical!

YaYa's Funhouse said...

Your doggy story is too funny. Yes, I will say a prayer for you. God is Good All the you know by reading my blog. No circumstance is a surprise to God. He is in control and He already knows.

Anonymous said...

Adorable pups!