Saturday, January 17, 2009

Whew, made it through....

The night! I almost turned the burglar alarm on, but since we've never used it, I figured I would just set the thing off if I messed with it, so I was right there living on the edge with just the doors locked!

Growing up in Smallville a small town, we didn't keep our doors locked much. With as many as we had coming and going, we would have kept the locksmiths in business. We did have one of those chain locks. The chain was long enough that we could open the door, stick our hand in and unlock the door. We just didn't have to worry about burglars and the like back in the good old days!

Funny though, since it was supposed to be a hard freeze last night, we left the pool pump on which meant the cleaner was going too. Every time the cleaner comes to the surface, it sprays water either on the doors or my bedroom windows. Even though I'm used to that sound, it caused the dogs to sit up and have a bark or two! The sound is like 20 light knocks on the glass doors or windows. Anyone who has a dog knows what the sound of a knock at the door causes!

Speaking of the boys, they have both been having a few health issues lately. Mike has allergies and an ear infection and has to take a pill twice a day. He HATES taking them and runs when he hears me get the bottle out, but lets me pry his mouth open and shove the pill down his throat.

Now, Jack.......well, he's a horse (or dog) of a different color. He has jaws of steel and if you do manage to get them pryed open, he bites the fire out of you! Last night, before the guys took off for the woods, I asked Russell to give Jack his bite and Russell was done! I finally got a crow bar dropper and managed to keep his mouth open while I stuck my finger and a pill down his throat. Hey anything for my babies!

I'll bet this is the most fascinating story you'll read today! Have a great Saturday and stay warm!


Tonja said...

Scooter doesn't cooperate either in taking his meds. But Alex will get him to jump up for a treat and then will disquise a pill in a piece of bread...that's about all that works for us.

Glad you survived the night!

Keetha said...

I'm glad you survived your night alone. Glad you have a sense of humor about it, though no one feels really comfortable when they know a prowler has been seen in their own neighborhood!!!

Dawn said...

I can remember pushing pills down our little doggie's throat - such a delightful task!

I'm glad you didn't have anyone trying to get into your house! I had to laugh at the picture of you reaching in and unlocking the door.

How cold did it get?

Tessa said...

i know what you mean by livin in a small town, i don't think we hardly ever lock our doors, we prob odd to though, thanks for commenting on my blog, i love your dogs they are cute