Friday, January 16, 2009


After an impromptu pizza and cake birthday, these three took off for the great unknown to hunt for the elusive deer! Matt drove in from a long week at college in Jacksonville and Tommy from a long week at work in Ocala to join their dad in a hunting trip for the weekend.

O.K. they are in bliss! Oh, and me, you ask??? I'm in bliss too....I put my pajamas on, popped a movie in the player and settled down with my dogs for a little rest time!

That is right after my next door neighbor came to ask if I knew someone had been prowling around the neighborhood. WHAT??? No! I, of course, didn't know or I wouldn't be here by myself with two attack cats and two sickly toy poodles! But here I am and not a bit afraid! Actually, I've had very few times when I was afraid of being in the house alone. Just a few. Did I mention that I've been scared a couple of times?? In my whole life???


Needled Mom said...

Oh great! I hope we hear from you again SOON!

Tonja said...

I, too, enjoy it when everyone leaves doing their own things, and I get to stay at home...alone!

I am usually not frightened if I am in the house before it gets dark...BUT...I do not like to come into my house alone after dark. I will be OK here at the Creek House, cause we have an alarm really works, too, I set it off by accident twice!