Friday, March 15, 2013


I'm joining with Mrs. 4444 for Friday Fragments......and believe me this week, I only have a fragment of a brain left.....and if you're in the same boat or just have a few left over thoughts from your week, join in the fun!  

Fridays are a bit frustrating for me because I have a lot to do on Fridays and I seem to put most of it off until Friday a.m.  This morning was no exception, with one added chore of going to the tag office.  What. a. nightmare.  I don't care what time you go, it is crowded and there is a long wait.  I voted for our tax collector, but I'm not sure I will again next time because surely there has got to be a better and quicker way to do business.  I waited over an hour for a ten minute process.  Vent over....


Even though facebook frustrates me sometimes, it's a great vehicle for keeping up with the kids and grandkids and yes, great grandchild and seeing pictures of them which makes me happy!  I'm missing the grands these days.


I can't think of a single Heard Around Here for this week! is getting to that crazy time where we really don't see each other much.....but maybe next week.


For some unknown reason I love Pinterest.  I'm not crafty AT ALL, but I have tried out some of the recipes.  I've been disappointed with most of them to tell the truth, but one we sort of like.  I say sort of because since we're trying to eat healthier we don't get the really good stuff.  The recipe is called "Two ingredient cookies" and calls for mashed, ripe bananas mixed with a cup of oats and cooked like regular cookies.......I can't tolerate them like that so I add chopped walnuts and chocolate chips and they're pretty tasty.  

We've had another incident for our Spring Break.  Someone fell from a balcony while swatting at a bird.  ??  I just shook my head.  Thankfully, he wasn't hurt too badly.  We usually have several balcony falls and some are fatal.  I wish the kids could have fun without putting their lives in danger.


That's all I have folks.  My brain is pretty much gone for this week!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!


bill lisleman said...

tag office sounds funny to me. I'll assume a vehicle tag but who knows could be a dog tag. I'm impressed that the motor vehicle office I went to this week runs very well for the number of people using it. I like pinterest for the funny pictures and one-liners.

Tami said...

A friend of my son's fell off a balcony during spring break last year and had to be medi-vaced to a hospital. Luckily he has recovered. Very scary though.

Nonnie said...

Waiting in offices is no fun. We get our tags in the mail. The balcony incident sounds scary.
Good to see there's another blogger who isn't crafty. :-) I'm not crafty either, but I enjoy pinterest for reading recipes, too.
Have a great weekend.

Deb said...

finally our tag office goes fairly quickly and the people are friendly...a welcome used to be a nightmare to go...the employees were not nice...and slower that slow...Have a great weekend Nancy

Auntie Bliss said...

Stay away from all diet recipes! They taste bad! :)

Grandbabies :) I got to see a great-nephew today which was incredible.

Rebecca Jo said...

I had a friend who fell from a balacony one time & it changed his life :( Horrible. Glad this guy was lucky

Facebook is what I love to keep up with our grandbabies too... no need to wait for pictures in the mail - I can see what they're doing daily :)

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Hmmm, not familiar with a tag office. But it sure sounds like there would have to be a better way of doing that.

Even though I'm 15 minutes from my grands, I see a lot of them on Facebook ... DD uses Facebook to keep all the grandparents (3 pairs) up to date on the Ts.

Bee said...

Bird swatting. There's a new one!

Mrs4444 said...

"tag office" Hm.

I love Facebook for the same reasons. My goal this year is to get Mr.4444's mom on it so that she can keep up with the grandkids. I figure it beats sitting in the front window watching the neighbors!haha

Thanks for linking up! Have a great weekend :)

Karen and Gerard said...

Silly people, why would they swat at birdies?

Tettelestai said...

I am young enough to remember being really stupid while drunk. I wish we could come up with an alternative for the Spring Break stupidity. Thousands of teens and college agers really don't need to be doing that.

I don't do facebook, but I do wish I could keep up with family. It would be fun :-) We have also had some bombs on the Pinterest recipes. You have to wonder what people are thinking with some of them..