Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My extra hairital affair and other bits of unimportant info.....

On our walk yesterday, I reminded the superhero that this was the day I was going to have an extra hairital affair.  Of course, he shook his head and inferred that I might be a little crazy.  But I felt so guilty.  SO GUILTY.  

You see, I've been with the same hairdresser for 15 years.   I think of him as a friend.  It's not's really not.....maybe you're not as unstable as I am, but I can't even change hairdressers without this huge guilt thing hanging over my head.  After all, that is where my hair resides!  

This probably ruined my hairiage because I like the cut......liked the girl.....didn't feel pressured to buy anything.......she didn't encourage me to color my hair, just cut it like I asked. 

Anybody else get weirded out changing hairdressers or anything else for that matter, say grocery stores?  Please, if you wouldn't leave your hairdresser after a long term relationship just don't tell me, this guilt is already heavy!  If you have ever cheated on your stylist, did you tell them?  Did they, horrors, call to ask where you'd been?

Whew!  Thanks for letting me get that out!  


It's not Friday, but because some things just won't stay in my head all week, here is our latest 
heard around here....

Me......we need to get you another dresser because you're about to fill the top of yours up with junk you need to sort.

Superhero......what I really need is another butt so you can chew on it some more, he said with a huge grin and that sweet dimple. had best be glad you're so cute or I might have to kill you!

AND we're half way through another week and drawing to the conclusion of another long tax season.  Nerves.....mine.....are getting a little thin.


Tracy said...

I left my hairdresser of many years and didn't say anything to her. That's bad on my part. I'm now going to our local beauty school and get my hair colored there too instead of using a box.

Loui♥ said...

I l;ove visiting you!
this is particularly hilarious.. or perhaps I'm just in a super good mood..who knows..
yes..i've cheated on hairdressers..
my money..MY WAY!
totally miss my Colorado grocery store where they knew me by NAME..
the deli folks knew exactly HOW i liked my selections..perfect!
I'm not liking the choices here..
working on cultivating good long term relationships..
smile.. it's a gorgeous day!

susan@avintagefarmwife said...

My beloved hairdresser retired several years ago. We both cried after my last cut. That was when my boys were involved in so many activities and I had longer conversations with my hairdresser than I ever had time to talk with my friends! Now I float between two because I feel guilty just quitting either one. Grrr!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I feel the same guilt ... and struggled with leaving the last hair dresser. I felt confident in the reasons I left (instead of having her little guy stay with a sitter, she had him there ... and as a result, was never able to focus all her attention on my cut ... while it was never awful as a result, I just couldn't risk it ... my hair is cut short so there's no margin for error ... not to mention the stress of worrying about a bad cut, of having to listen to her little one whine and her constantly scolding him - from the chair rather than actually doing something about his behavior, etc., etc., etc. made it just too uncomfortable for me to continue to have her cut my hair). I didn't explain why I left ... I just never made another appointment. My bad, I know. I did find another hair dresser who does a FINE job with cutting my hair. With no baggage ... I mean misbehaved children in the salon. ;-)

Nonnie said...

Oh, my, my. Do you really have time to hear my story of my hairiage dilemma? After thinking it over for a couple of years, I finally made the break after 20 years and worked up the courage (so much fear about letting a stranger cut and do highlights) to find someone new last summer. I was very pleased and then knew I had to make the confession to get past my guilt. I couldn't just disappear without telling her. And it went over very well. My old hairdresser was glad I told her and told me that I would be welcome back any time.
Conversation with your sweetheart sounds like some we have had during testy times.

Diane said...

I completely understand the guilt thing. I was going to a person I liked as a person and our sons go to school together (since preschool) and used to be pretty close friends. Sometimes she did my hair good and other times...not so much. It got to the point where I just never knew what I was going to get. I finally stopped going without saying anything and always felt so weird, for the longest time, when I'd run into her. But she never said anything or treated me differently.

Deb said...

I'm not loyal to my hair dresser...I jump around....but I understand where you are coming from..My Mom is...but she has difficult hair....thick and straight...

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I have been with my current hairdresser for about six years now. I followed him to another shop and now he owns the original shop I started seeing him in. I would find it hard to leave him but if he were to be busy/gone at a time when I have to get my hair done I would go ahead and use someone else in the salon. My daughter who has OCD has followed her hairdresser around because she trusts that everything is perfect and even. If she saw someone else it would be hell for all of us!

Juli said...

My friend from HS is my hairdresser. She has cut and done my hair for the last, um, 16 years or so. WHICH includes the 7 years I lived in FL. I came home every 3 months and she cut my hair. :)

The other day I finally broke down and "used" someone else. *GASP* She was fine with it... and the cut came out quite nice.

Lea Culp said...

Oh, I've been with the same hair stylist for 15+ years and can't imagine anyone else doing my hair. I would so suffer from guilt. So,I definitely get it!

You are so funny and I chucked over your words with Hubby. I can relate to that as well. :o)

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I've been going to the same hairdresser for years, but once in a while I'll go somewhere different to see if someone else will cut it better. Then, when I go back to her I'll tell a little fib and say that I'd been trimming my hair myself. Which is not a huge fib since I do sometimes trim the length and top! :) I don't feel guilty at why do I fib?? I don't know!

Auntie Bliss said...

I'm so laffin!

I have been cheating on mine because mine was always ME...for many years I've cut/colored my own hair.
Well, I finally bit the bullet (spending money is not easy for me) and went to a salon. Well I wasn't expecting to LOOK GOOD, but I was so happy I kept going! Her name is Danielle :) Go easy on SH.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

I would leave my hairdresser but I don't have one, I do have a hair cutter but since I have been with him for 29yrs and he has been cutting my hair for like 25yrs it would be just wrong to leave him also I love him even if he is a pain in the ass........oh yeah he is also my husband

Needled Mom said...

I can so relate to the hairdresser issue!!! I just hate it when I have to make a change and it is usually because they move on to another salon too far to travel.