Wednesday, July 9, 2008

As you can see......

Yes folks, this is the look of a frustrated woman! Trying to LINK

O.k. it looks like I was able to link doesn't it in my last post??? That was a test, I really didn't mean to publish it for all the blogworld to see how really dumb I am. I did what everybody said. I really did. I just don't know if I have it in my brain to learn. I mean you know the old saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks." Maybe that's me!

Guess what??? Even the font color symbol on my tool bar disappeared. I mean what's up with that???

I must quit trying now and pack for an early morning trip tomorrow. I think my dear husband thinks our motor home is all packed! Surprise!

Oh, yea, I also broke his desk top today. I swear it was an accident! No, really, the monitor just would not come on, so I called him at work. That was not a good idea. Apparently there was some little something stressful at work....and he didn't feel he could talk me through getting his monitor to come on. I checked every plug, every, well everything. I am not a computer whiz.....has anyone noticed?

Jennifer and Keetha, maybe if you would do a. b. c. or 1. 2. 3. (wait isn't that a song?) :) At least I'm trying to keep my sense of humor! Jennifer I'm pretty sure I have linking to other blogs down, it is just linking to old posts I can't get. I really want to be able to say go here or here and have it link.

I'll think about it while we're out of town. I may have computer access if hubby takes his lap top, not to be confused with his desk top which I've inadvertantly broken! Oh, dear.

Oh, wait, I just tried to link to Jennifer's blog and it didn't work!


Sheryl said...

wow, you need a vacation!! get that motor home packed and hit the road.........

Keetha said...

LOL NancyGrayce - - - I KNOW this is frustrating, but it IS kinda funny too - - - I mean, that PICTURE and all!!!

Also - - - when I clicked on your 4th of July link it took me to MY PROFILE. Now there's a new one - - - I've never had THAT happen before!!!! I wonder how YOUR 4th of July link got hooked up with MY profile????? And does it do that for EVERYONE, or just for me?

leslie said...

Aw, don't sweat it, Nancy. ;)

Just pack and go away for your little holiday - you can always just type in the site and we can copy it into the address bar. But when you come back, I could walk you through it if you like.

Take it easy and have some fun with hubby. :D

Dawn said...

I wish we could get together and go over "linking." It's really not too hard, if you have someone to walk you through it - like I have my daughter, the whiz, to teach me stuff, or do it for me!

Love the visual!

Leigh said...

Hey , girl! You CAN DO IT! Remember it was Y-O-U!!! that told me how to do the crossing through of words. I didnt know. I am exposing my stupidity here to let you know you can do it.
Go Nancy!
HAve fun on your trip!

nancygrayce said...

Here I am sitting at my sweet DIL's mac computer....I love it by the way. It seems much easier to work with! No, I asked for one and my husband says NO....I'm sorry our DIL is out of town this weekend. We've had a nice weekend with our son.

The great news is that the motor home is fixed!

nancygrayce said...

No, Leigh....I think I've met my match in linking. Someone will have to sit next to me and guide me through it....then I'll have to write it down step by step. (that's what I had to do with crossing through words) :)

Keetha said...

Oh Leigh or NancyGrace, or BOTH of you - - - please teach me how to do the strike outs!! I do NOT know how to do that and would DEARLY love to.

Do I sound different from here in my native land??? Is my accent more pronounced???

Just wonderin'