Monday, July 14, 2008

Vacation Bible School

Oh, it is finally here,VBS! Really, now, I love teaching little children about the love of Jesus. This picture (bottom of post) is from 2 years ago just so no one would recognize any of the kids. I love these kids. I do. This is my third year with this same class.

I was ready to stop teaching VBS after 2006, then lo and behold one of the mothers came to me and told me her daughter was PRAYING I would be her teacher the next year. I looked heavenward and said I hear you Lord. So I taught in 2007. The little girl prayed again. I heard again. I'm back.

Today was very hectic as first days of VBS always are, but I felt tears welling up at the closing ceremony (is it a ceremony??) and not because one little boy can't close his mouth. He can't....he tries, but he can't. I've had him every year. No, my tears were prayers each one, that these children would always love Him.

Seriously, it was fun and I had two great helpers from the youth group.

As you all know, I am an open book on this blog. You may wish I would shut the book a tad sometimes, but I can't. I'm like little VBS boy, I just can't. Besides if I closed the book how would you all know what to pray about.

Today, when tears were coming to my eyes, my heart was filled with prayers for all these children. Yes, I know I said that once already. It's worth repeating. Prayers also for their parents that they may never have to witness any of their children shred their lives and be helpless to do a thing. Except pray. I pray all the children at VBS will grow in the nurture and admonition of the Lord and skip all the bad stuff that can lead to worse stuff that WILL lead to heartbreak.

I also felt so unworthy to be teaching. Why me, Lord?? Goodness knows, I missed the mark in teaching my own children. They went to VBS.

Parents, hold on to those little boys and girls. Teach them with the help of the Lord as best you can. Trust the Lord with their hearts, and with your own. The Lord can do I watch these children, I trust anew that God WILL heal my own child. So I rejoice through the tears that I can trust Him!

P.S. I could possibly cry tomorrow beware!


Rachael said...

You are so lovely! How passionate!! Congratulations on giving the Lord to these children - They are listening to you!!!

I had a similar experience with this great children's book I read to kids called "This Bible Talks!" by Pamela Fischer. Narrated by Michael David McGuire. Kids are talking about how "Jesus" would do it, etc. It is fabulous.

I was looking for Bible study ideas and came across your post. Congratulations again! I really enjoyed reading about your joy.

If you are interested in the book, this is where I ordered it.

Needled Mom said...

How blessed these children - and their parents - are to have you praying for them. It is wonderful to hear of a teacher with such tremendous love for the little ones. Thank you for being so special in their lives.

Cheryl said...


Isn't it awesome that these kids want you to be their teacher every VBS!

I read some of your blog and love it!

Thanks for sharing and visiting my blog for WFW!


Dawn said...

It is wonderful to hear of so many blog friends working in VBS. It is a wonderful thing - more kids are saved at Bible school than any other time in their lives. What a blessing!

Tonja said...

I think VBS is my most favorite thing in the church year! I was not been able to teach this year and I missed it alot! The older we get, the more we see these little ones as they may become. I never thought of that when I was a young mother. But now, I see them so differently. I also believe that God's promise about training them up is so true. Your son was 'trained up'...he will return! God says so!

I have an award for you...check my blog!