Thursday, July 3, 2008

California............Day 2

Tia Amanda, the grand children's aunt, came by to see me. All DIL's family are very gracious and try to visit while I'm in California. It's so much fun to see them, as I don't get out there so often.

Ashley and I examined the new landscaping. All this was done the day before my sister and I arrived.

We drove over to see their daddy at the house he's just rented. This beautiful tree is in the front yard and it holds two beautiful kids nicely don't you think??

It was a lazy day. Cathy and I bought groceries and cooked chicken enchiladas for supper. Adam surprised us by being quite the helper, while his sister read. Ashley soaks up books like a sponge. She is always lost in a book, making me wonder all the places she's been and envisioned in her mind!


Tonja said...

I am so glad you had a good trip. The children are beautiful! I know you were happy to see your son as well. And I can see that they all were happy to see you!

Have a happy 4th!

Leigh said...

I love that tree photo! That is gorgeous!

leslie said...

So happy to hear your trip was a smashing success! I'm having a great time now entertaining guests from Wales. Well, they've just left for 2 weeks on Vancouver Island but will be back for more fun with me before returning home. Your grandkids are beautiful! And I love all their A names. :D