Monday, July 7, 2008

She walks into hearts.....

On a beach in California a long haired beauty flung wide her arms and twirled for joy! She was only 3 years old, but already that wonderful, innocent, joyful spirit gleamed in her eyes. Her playfulness and eagerness to love and be loved was completely formed. She walked into every heart she met.

Fast forward 13 years that same spirit shines from 16 year old eyes! That same eagerness to love and be loved! A heart completely open, totally exposed, expecting only love. Love it is that envelopes her in my heart. Takes my breath to watch her twirl with abandon. Makes me long to protect her from all things hurtful. That innocence seemingly still intact and the beauty grown from a child into a wonderful young woman!

Now, as then, my prayer remains the same. May she grow in grace and love for the Lord. May her life glorify the Creator. May she make a difference in the world even as she's made in my life.

I love you, my sweet 16.


Dawn said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet granddaughter - may she be in the Lord's care and continue to be the beautiful young woman she has become!

What's going on with all the knee problems???

Keetha said...

Oh NancyGrace this is a beautiful post for your granddaughter. I hope she prints it out and cherishes it forever.

Happy Birthday, Sweet 16!!!

Tonja said...

What a beautiful post! How blessed she is to have you in her corner!

Sheryl said...

what a beautiful post and a beautiful granddaughter. she is blessed to have you praying for her and encouraging her.


Sammy said...

Hi NancyGrace,

Thanks for visiting my blog!

This is a lovely tribute to your granddaughter. It's beautifully written and really speaks from the heart.

I will definitely be back to check out the rest of your blog.


jennifer said...

I stand in agreement with you in your prayer!