Saturday, July 12, 2008

We're Baaack!

The older I get the better I get to know myself and sometimes that is scary! Really, I am a homebody. We just got home from a quick trip to one of our son's cities to have some work done on our motorhome and to visit.

We got there early Thursday afternoon so we could see our DIL before she left for OUR city. That's right, she already had plans to go with a couple of her girlfriends to the b*llf*sh to*rnament. We did get to visit with her for a little while and that was nice.

When Tommy got home, he took us to eat at a great little greek restaurant...I mean good food! We spent the nite in our motorhome right there where the work was being done, so that was nice.

I really didn't want a motorhome when we got one. Before diesel fuel went through the roof and got even higher than gas! My husband had mentioned getting one years ago, but I just thought it was a passing want. But no, he had been thinking about it all these years. Now that we have it, there are some things I really like about having a motorhome.

O.K. the most obvious reason, you can go to the bathroom while riding down the highway and you don't have to nag and whine to get your husband to pull over at a rest stop. Yes, that is VERY nice! Now don't use me as an should, of course, sit with your seatbelt on, not get up and run to the bathroom, or make a cup of coffee for your driver so he doesn't nod off while the vehicle is in motion! Yes that all is very nice!

However, having your own closet and drawers is really nice. I don't travel light. I never have and don't know how to start. I just need to have choices in clothing. So we each have our own closet. Not so big, but big enough to have a few choices. Even if I never wear all the outfits I take, I know they are there.

AND, very importantly, we know who slept in our bed last! Oh, yes, that part I like a lot! Fortunately, the bed is very comfortable....I had some bad moments over that one when we my husband was contemplating buying a motorhome. But, it turned out just fine. Plus, the engine is under our bed, so it is all warm and cozy by the time we stop for the night.

But one thing you cannot, absolutely MUST not do, is get up and go anywhere in the motorhome if you're the driver! NO, NO, NO! There is a story floating around that a man bought a motorhome and was not properly informed how to drive. Supposedly, he was driving, put the cruise control on, and got up to do something and of course crashed. I don't think even I would do that! Although, I will say that anyone who buys a motorhome and hasn't been a semi truck driver, should invest in driving lessons. We did and I'm sure it has saved our lives many times over.

We really had a great time. We are so proud of these two! We're hoping that one day, they'll be back up in the panhandle.


Needled Mom said... control and then took off to do something else???? Of course it isn't his fault!!!! Never is anymore these days.

Glad that you are enjoying your motorhome. My folks had one that my dad loved and mother hated. I really feel for those filling up those tanks these days at the price of fuel.

Glad that you had a good trip.

Sheryl said...

Glad you had a good trip and are home safely. Funny stuff too.

Can't imagine filling up that tank though, ouch!


Kristen said...

Sounds like a fun trip! I think I would LOVE a motorhome (esp. the part about not stopping for bathroom breaks...a five-year-old means "many stops")! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

leslie said...

When my husband and I would take the girls up to Shuswap Lake every summer, we'd sometimes get stuck behind motorhomes. But we always used to say, "We'll have one of those one day and we'll travel the continent." Oh well, it was a nice dream. Glad you're enjoying yours. :D

Tonja said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip. Yes there does seem to be quite a few advantages to owning a motor home. I have never travelled in one...but it sounds fun!