Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Wow, I missed my 100th post and now here I am writing my 200th post. Who knew???

I know that once before I said this was the week that was.....I take it back, THIS is the week that was.

Matt did well with his lithotripsy! The doctor told us he would hurt badly, like he had been beaten with a bat. Well, not a member of the bionic superfamily! Honestly, I'm not sure they even feel pain! It's amazing. We got home and I kept asking how do you feel and he kept saying fine....and I would say no pain? and he would reply no. Amazing, simply amazing!

He even wanted to go out tonight! It is his spring break. His dad said may be 22 but no. So he's here with us.....Today we had 2 in the hospital....while Matt was in the recovery room, we ran up to Russell's dad's room and ate a bite of lunch with papa and mema, then we ran back down to be there when Matt came out of recovery.

On our way home from the hospital, son #2 called to say he had a mole taken off and the doctor said it looked very suspicious! I'm praying not!

O.K. I am so ashamed that my 200th post has been spent talking about our health problems....but I'm so happy to be here. I'm so happy to have so many blog friends! I'm so thankful for women who pray!

And tonight we will think only positive thoughts. Russell came home early :) we sort of know where all our children are and that they are all o.k. So for tonight, we will be positive and sleep deeply, knowing that whatever happens, we are held safely in the everlasting arms!


Anonymous said...

That's right, praise God that He is in absolute control!!

Happy 200th post! :)

leslie said...

Just got caught up on your week! My goodness, and WHAT a week you've had. I'm so glad your FIL is feeling better and what a positive attitude he has to be talking about playing golf. That is amazing and will keep him alive for longer than the doctors could possibly estimate! And your son going through that procedure to get rid of a kidney stone - I've heard it said that passing one is worse than having a baby (with no pain killers). And I, too, will pray that the results of the mole removal will be good ones. *sigh* I'm almost as worn out as you now! :D

Needled Mom said...

I am so glad to hear how well Matt did. He must really be made of super something because that is NOT a fun proceedure. I will keep #2 son in my prayers regarding his mole lab reports. Those things are so scary and the wait seems endless for the results. Have a good weekend.

Dawn said...

You have definitely had quite a week! I too am thankful that we have met here in blog world. I'm coming up to 300 - hard to believe!

Tonja said...

So sorry that it has been so hectic for you! I did not have any problems with the lithotripsy either. I'm glad he did well. And we will pray about the results of the mole.

Hope you are getting some sunshine. and nicer weather there. It has been damp and overcast here for the last 2 days! I expect it to probably get worse next week...because I am off for spring break. Seems to always happen that way, Oh well, I do have lots to keep me busy inside.

Hope next week is much better for you! Stay strong!

Mari Fontana said...

wow sounds like you are growing perseverance and faith!!!
I will pray for you and your family.

He Knows My Name said...

hi nancy! yep you are in His grip.

YEA FOR 200!!! have a great weekend. ~janel