Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just have to remember to count those blessings

Today is our 11th day in the hospital with my FIL. What a journey the last year and almost a half have been. When he was diagnosed with lung cancer, the doctors said he would have about 4 months to live. If you read my last sentence, you'll know they were wrong! Since his diagnoses and treatment, we have gone to North Carolina to my SIL's 3 times. He has been driving up to the time he went to the hospital....did I mention he's 82? But 11 days ago, he filled up with fluid and couldn't breathe, so off to the ER and after several days off his blood thinner, he had a chest tube inserted and is breathing better.

Now there are pros and cons with every medication we take, the blood thinner makes any kind of surgery too much of a risk, but since he was without it for several days he had a stroke! My MIL and I are taking turns staying with him, and Sunday he had a really terrible headache. He's never complained like he did that day. I knew something was really wrong.....the nurse (and we have had some great nurses) thought it was sinus. He finally got some morphine and I put an ice bag on his head. Later in the day, I noticed his sight was very different. He said "I sure do wish I had a t.v. in this room." That really alarmed me! I replied that we did have one and stood under it and said up here. He said "where are you?" Later when my husband came up he also noticed and when we left the hospital he asked if I thought his dad was blind.

All of you know how hard it is to watch someone you love suffer....and then to watch your husband suffer very silently while watching his dad is just agonizing. My husband doesn't show his emotions outwardly, but since I know him so well (one flesh you know), I can see his breaking heart and it breaks mine.

However, having said that we know that God is so good to us.....he's had a lot of quality of life during this journey.....the stroke could have been much worse. He's not paralyzed and the eyesight is coming and going.

I just pray all goes as planned tomorrow and the tube comes out and he gets to go home, get in his recliner and watch his t.v.!

Our families are great. I have the large family that pitches in when needed....Russell has the small family so it is a bit harder. I'm thankful for both families and as we all celebrate our risen Savior of Easter, I hope we remember that great love He showed us in his own suffering.


Dawn said...

I know this is very hard for you and your husband. I'm glad you have lots of good support around you!

Have a wonderful Easter - how can it be so soon??

leslie said...

I am so sorry that you are all going through this, but we all must...it is our turn to care for our aging parents. Mine are both gone now so I know the journey. I just pray that whatever time the Lord had decided to give to your FIL will be a gentle time and that when He calls him home, it will be peaceful. Bless you!