Saturday, March 15, 2008

Still here

I'm still here, but I'm tired! But I'm sure not as tired as my sweet mother in law. I've begged her to let me stay at the hospital with FIL at nite, but she's having no part of that. So I stay during the day to let her go home.......but only after the doctor's have come by. Of course on the weekend, they come at a leisurely pace!

Russell's dad had a ct scan of his brain this morning, because since they know the cancer is active again, the first place it wants to go is to the brain. I hope not many of you have ever had to experience this, but doctor's talk about cancer as if it is a person. It "likes" to go to the brain, it "reacts" a certain way or doesn't react that way. It's so weird.

Papa was confused a good bit today, but every time he woke up he talked about buying a new car, a Tahoe to be exact. He would sleep, wake and talk about it....he wanted prices....brochures the whole bit. Of course, we aren't sure he'll even drive again, but it's a nice thing for him to focus on. He did walk a bit today which was a very big event!

All day, my mind was singing over and over again that old hymn "Open my eyes that I may see, glimpses of truth thou hast for me, open my eyes illumine me, Spirit divine..." I know some of you must remember that hymn. I'm not sure if it was just a comfort thing or the Lord was trying to tell me something, especially the part that says "Silently now I wait for thee, ready my God thy will to see, open my eyes illumine me, Spirit divine." That silent part always gets me.

One thing for sure, when you are in a helpless position silently waiting for the Lord to reveal His will is the only place to be!


Tonja said...

What beautiful words yor put together today, my friend. I agree with you. I believe that God speaks through music many times. And, since these dear old hymns are so ingrained in our hearts and minds, it is easy to pull it up when it is needed most.

In my job,as a preschool music teacher...this is one of the things that is uppermost on my mind. I want to put beautiful thoughts about Jesus into their hearts through song in hopes that when they need it, it will be there for them to draw from.

It is amazing to me how the songs I learned as a child in my choirs and youth groups and in worship service still come back. Do you remember Sunbeams? I can still sing the sunbeams song! I may not have thought of a song in years, but I will still remember all the words.

I am glad you had sweet and solid words to comfort you today. Listen...others will come, too.

leslie said...

We talked about patience at church today. And how it is so necessary to be patient as we await God's will. Hang in there. As tonja says, "listn...others will come, too." Great is the Lord is one song that I hold onto.

Dawn said...

I love that old song, and so many many others! The hymns are the best.

The song that has been on my mind all week is similar - "Open our eyes, Lord, we want to see Jesus!"

Needled Mom said...

My prayers are with you, your MIL, FIL and your family as you go through these difficult days. I am so glad that the words were found to comfort you.

theresa said...

I don't remember that hymn, the worship music I'm used to in my adult life is more modern, but I do remember a few from my childhood and the "When Peace Like A River...It is Well With My Soul" hymn is one that comforts me when I'm going through tough times.

I pray peace for you and your family at this time.