Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sing to the Lord

This is a pound cake....I know it looks like the leaning tower of chocolate cake, but that is only because the pound cake, one that always turns out well, didn't. Tonight we are having pot luck for a choir coming to sing at church. So, I made old faithful....always turns out great....not today! I had a mild to serious panic attack, then decided after using 3 sticks of butter, 7 eggs, cream cheese and other wonderful ingredients, I just couldn't start over. So I quickly thought what to do? I looked on my H*rsh*y's cocoa box and lo and behold there it was, a recipe for chocolate frosting.

I tell you truthfully, this is the first frosting I've ever made from scratch and is it yummy....but that wasn't what I cared about, I just wanted to cover up the mess I made of the pound cake. So even though it isn't beautiful, I will say it tastes good.

Now, I need to finish my dishes and get moving! Can't wait to hear these young people sing to the Lord.

Psalm 33:3 Sing to the Lord a new song; play skillfully on the strings, with loud shouts.


Cathy said...

My darling sister, the recipe,if it is Lois' cream cheese poundcake calls for 6 eggs, not 7........maybe that was the problem.......love you!!!

Cathy said...

Oh yeah.......have a wonderful time, and I am sure the cake is delicious and very moist.

Amrita said...

Oh goody, lovely cake. Hope you had a good time. I love musical programs.

Leigh said...

Can I lick the bowl?
That looks, er, Heavenly! I know the choir loved ever last her3497sh-9ey's milk chocolate of it. Ummm-UM!
NOw, another question, and email me (on my profile) if you can answer it-how do you underline word on blogger? I have yet to figure it out. I dont see a "button" that will allow me to do it. But your on blogspot too....so.
Oh, no, Your blogger. Maybe that's it? Maybe blogspot doesnt have it.
Happy Week NancyGrace!

Needled Mom said...

I'm sure that the cake was delicious anyway. Did you get a million raves about it? Icing can cover up a ton of mistakes.....especially chocolate!

Dawn said...

Sounds yummy and sinful! I hope the concert was wonderful.

Yes, Miss Julia makes me laugh out loud. There is a new book out, which is on hold for me at the library for whenever they get it in. They are really fun.