Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Back and Forth

So does anyone remember teeter totters? Two people sit on either end and go up and down? Depending on how heavy each is, you might go down easy and then again you might go down hard! That's how our lives have felt for the past couple of weeks.

Russell's dad went home from the hospital around 7 p.m. on the Thursday nite before Easter. Friday around lunchtime, he went back to the hospital by ambulance because he had a severe headache and as he had a stroke in the hospital, well, we take no chances. So,
as he says, he just went to get something for a headache and ended up staying about 20 hours. The first many hours on a gurney in the ER and that is not comfortable! He was so miserable and we were so concerned that he would have to stay, because you do know, don't you, that when you go back to the hospital, they find different stuff wrong????? His potassium was way too low, so they started treating that. His blood was also too thin, so they treated that! Two brain ct scans later and a wrestling match with not to be named doctor and we finally got back home.

Then we start trying to get round the clock caregivers.....and the teeter totter starts going down real hard on our side!

So, today after spending three hours in the oncologist's office and getting papa home again, then going to mama's home since I've highly neglected her, I came home and put on a tank top and my pajama bottoms. You know the skimpy little tank top with a shelf bra??? The one people my age wear UNDER things? Well, I was walking a friend out of my house and somehow locked the door behind me. You know, just another moment in paradise.

SO! Yes, I know I'm starting most every sentence with what??? :) I call the very, very busy husband who has spent 3 hours with us at the doctor and say "Honey, sweety, baby, I'm locked out of the house, darling." To which he replies "HOW DID YOU DO THAT??" So my friend drives me to his office with me slouched down real low in the car since I'm not appropriately dressed! I get the key, come home, get inside. Whew!

I hope I'm done for today! I'm in my pj's so it just somehow seems right that I get in bed....oh, except I have clothes in the washer and dryer, my house hasn't been cleaned in weeks and I'm leading a Bible study tomorrow that I have not studied for! Oh, dear.....could I get off the teeter totter now??


Needled Mom said...

I love teeter totters, but not with my life. You have certainly had some tough weeks lately. Glad to hear that FIL did not have another stroke AND that he didn't have to stay at the hospital. Lining up full time help is more that difficult. I hope things slow down for you soon.

Doesn't it always happen that you get into messes when you do not have the right clothing on????

nancygrayce said...

Oh, yes! I have "clothing issues" on my best day!

leslie said...

Dear Nancy, don't sweat the Bible study class - you know everyone totally understands. Show up in your pj bottoms and the tank top and they'll all have a real good laugh!