Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Visiting Choir

Right after the choir concert, as we were sitting casually with our girls, my husband says very calmly, "oh, Matt had to go to the hospital with a kidney stone last nite." My head spun around on my neck and I said "what?!?"....and I didn't know why???? You'd have to know Matt. He 's a very quiet, I can take care of myself kind of man....that isn't a bad thing, but you also don't know a lot about what is going on with him when he's away from home. He's also very shy, and for him to have woken the mother he rents from at 3 a.m. to go to the hospital, he was in a LOT of pain. I called and he seems o.k. now. His daddy has passed 2 or 3 kidney stones, so I know it is no walk in the park. O.K. now to the choir story....
The choir from Cono Christian School in Iowa was wonderful! The did a very inspirational concert and then we gathered our 4 girls and came home. They were such neat girls, from all over the country and even one from Korea. A lot of the kids come here from Korea apparently, and many from Korean Presbyterian churches. Hubby went to bed and the girls and I sat up and talked for a long time and each one checked their email. I've found with all visiting groups, they are so excited to be able to check email.

I offered them cookies and snacks of all kinds, but they weren't hungry....therefore, forcing me to eat lots of chocolate chip cookies. We found out at the concert that they needed to be back at the church at 6:30.....that's a.m. So.....they all assured me that they could get up on their own. They didn't. At 5:26 a.m., my husband turned to the clock and said honey, you may need to see if they're up. That's 4 girls to take showers, eat breakfast and make lunches....load luggage and trust the driving of one old woman who's not used to being up that early, much less driving a vehicle!

Just as we were ready to load the car, one of the girls became very panicked a teeny bit, but she got o.k. enough to get to the bus. Bless her heart, they will be on the bus for over 8 hours .

It was a good experience for us, and I pray for them.


Tonja said...

I remember going on choir trips and staying in homes! Always such fun! And we used to keep kids, too.


leslie said...

Not quite sure who Matt is but the poor guy! They say it's worse than giving birth! But happy you had a good time with the choir girls and the concert was uplifting. :D

nancygrayce said...

I should have identified Matt! He's our youngest, the last one to fly out of the nest.

Needled Mom said...

As you know, those kidney stones are NO fun. Poor Matt. I do hope that he is doing better.

Glad you were able to awaken the sleeping gals and get them on their way. I'm sure they enjoyed their stay with you.

leslie said...

Oh, I meant to tell you that your cake er frosting looks delish! There's really nothing like homemade frosting, but who bothers anymore?