Sunday, April 20, 2008

If I Could Save Time In A Bottle....

My dil and fil toasting as we spent time with them today. We're spending lots of time with Russell's mom and dad these days. Each day it becomes very clear that his dad is growing weaker. He has lots of confusion. It's tough to see him this way. But he still has his very unique sense of humor. He injects it into a conversation when you least expect it!

We just save all this time in the bottles of our memory. Someday memories will be a blessing to our family. Proverbs 10:7

Truthfully, we are all making memories, good or bad, every day we live. We choose which ones to make. We choose to live lives that are productive and unselfish or not. But whatever we do, we make memories.

The above part of this post was written Sunday nite.....It is Monday now and I'm in between visits. Washing sheets and towels actually. Just an interesting little factoid for you!

The Hospice nurse came today and was very helpful in explaining things that we can expect in the future days. The other nite Russell and I were walking into Sam's Club to pick up some things. We were talking about his dad and this whole dying process. Russell (this is huge for him emotionally now) said, well we never expected to be having this conversation did we? I replied that no, we didn't, but now that we were, maybe we should talk about what we will do when that time comes.

Russell said, since God saved me and I'm strong in my faith, I am ready to go when He calls me. He then instructed me to be dignified and not to hold on to him if it was his time to go. We both agreed that we would try our best to make it a time that we would just enjoy each other as long as we could, but then let go. We know that when we die, we will "fly to Jesus" and live. Death is not our enemy. It is our first class ticket to heaven to be with the Lord forever!


Tonja said...

Oh, my friend, how God is blessing you and your family. Your FIL is still semi lucid, so you have had all the time to say the things you wish to say...and there is no reason for anything to be left unsaid. And, he is making it easier for you with his sense of humor. I'm sure that also gives him a sense of he is still looking out for you all...even now. You have had the chance to have the talk with your DH, and understand his wishes and he,yours.
I trust your MIL is more at ease with hospice now. This is such an opportunity to see God at work. In the midst of this sad situation, is a glorious homegoing. And hard as it is, it is a cause for rejoicing. You have all the promises of God our Savior that you will be together again. And I believe that.
I in no way would compare the two situations, but Don's Mom had a stroke quite unexpectedly while in the hospital for another problem. We were not anticipating anything like this. She never recovered...and we never got to hear her talk to us again. But we talked to her. We had to stop the life support, and she lived about 45 minutes after that. Her son, 2daughters,2 SIL, 1 DIL, 4 grandsons who were there at that time, stood around her bed and sang hymns as she made her journey to Jesus. We told her how we loved her, how we see her soon, and just kept talking and singing until they told us it was over. It was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. And, that day, the grand children got to see first hand that there is a good way to die...there is a way to die with honor and worship. Sure, we were sad, but we explained to them..this...THIS feeling inside your heart right the peace and love and comfort of Jesus. He promises He will send it to you...let it fill you up.

God bless you and yours,

He Knows My Name said...

yes nancy, i amen your thoughts...we will fly. you are in my thoughts and prayers your husband too.

Dawn said...

What a good conversation you had with your husband. We should probably do that, too!

Needled Mom said...

Such difficult conversations are always put on that back burner. Times like this allow us the chance to bring them up front and make the decisions that need to be made.

I remember our pastor one time saying that he could never figure out why when we are born, we are crying while everyone else is rejoicing. Yet at death, we are rejoicing and everyone else is crying. It is a wonderfully reassuring thought that we will all meet again in His glory.

My prayers remain with you.

becky said...

Isn't that what life is made up of? Memories? Here's to many happy!