Sunday, April 27, 2008

Not Gone for Good.....

I haven't disappeared for good, but things are just too hard and complicated right now. You all know how completely candid I am, but I need to be quiet right now. We are trying to spend as much time as possible with Russell's dad and my son is a whole nother story......the never ending story. So today I just feel sick and sad and I'm not sure what else!

Keep praying for us.


Dawn said...

I'm sorry - I do not that sick and sad feeling! Too much on your plate right now! I'm putting you and your son on my growing list.

leslie said...

On my list, Nancy. I know how overwhelming it is right now for you - my Dad never knew about my daughter; we kept it from him and it made it very difficult at times when he would ask about her. Take good care of yourself, your hubby, and your in-laws. Your son needs prayer and he is getting it.

Needled Mom said...

I am so sorry, Nancy, that things are so difficult for you. Take your time for quiet and we'll all be here when you return. My prayers continue for you and your family.

Tonja said...

I'm so sorry, Nancy. You need to do what is most important right now and that is be available for those who need you. Know that you have much prayer going up to the Father in your behalf. And for the whole family as well. If you need to vent, I think you have my e-mail address...feel free to use it anytime. Be sure to take care of yourself, too. You will be needed in many roles for a few weeks, but you must have a little time to relax and refresh yourself to be able to help the others.
God Bless.

Anonymous said...


You know I will be praying for you.

Me too, part of my silence is due to what we are going through and God's direction. I am such an open book---I tell anyone and everyone. Not always good. :)

It looks as though we will stay in Japan-----the part I couldn't share (in case people from my church might stumble across my Blog) is the fact that we are probably going to leave our church that we have been members of fr over 4 years.

It's hard to leave----even if it is the worst and most loveless church we have ever been a part of.

I would have shared the news and request with you but I don't have an e-mail for you!

By the way, check our Lisa Leonard's Jewelry. She did my daughter's custom necklace for her and I LOVED her work!