Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Snakes Alive!

My mother has a horrible fear of snakes. As a child she was in a boat with her daddy and a snake fell in the boat with them! She hates snakes to this day. I'm not sure that can be a genetic thing.

I hate snakes because when I got home this afternoon and went out my back door to let the dogs out, a BIG BLACK SNAKE , I mean humongous, no really, almost as big as me ,ran across my feet! My newly pedicured feet! I screamed bloody murder and jumped almost to the roof, screamed again at the dogs to come back and ran in the house. I sure hope they don't need to go out again before their daddy gets home. I am still shaking. Later I asked my neighbor if he heard me screaming and he said no, so I now know that whatever happens in my backyard stays in my backyard.

I had been with papa (pronounced just for your interest) pawpaw...most of the day and when I left I called a friend and said do you want to get a pedicure. After a little arm twisting, I kid, she had a gift certificate, she agreed and we went to the mall. I hardly ever get a pedicure, so it is a great relaxation for me. Then that dumb snake had to ruin it for me!!

I mean ran across my feet! O.K. I know I've said that enough. Several years ago, a similar thing happened to me. I was fixing dinners at our church and had gone into the pantry and was reaching to get the key to the freezer and a rat ran down my arm! I still have heart palpitations thinking about it! So does one of our boys who happened to be standing beside me when I screamed and jumped back almost knocking him down!

Some post, I want to talk about normal. My friend says normal is a setting on the dryer, but surely there is a form of normal for each of us and I want it!!! But not tonight, tonight I'm drained from the day.


leslie said...

I'll just comment here on this and the previous post. I'm so glad you're making memories with Russell's Dad and good that he still has his sense of humour.

Just reading that post about the s***e made me want to pull my bare feet up onto the chair with me. I would have had a heart attack or at the very least STILL be screaming hysterically! I have a TERRIBLE fear...I mean TERRIBLE fear of those creatures and can't even look at pictures of them. ICK!

Did it actually ruin the pedicure? I'd go back and tell the pedicurist and maybe she'll take pity on you and redo the ruined nails. Oh.....*shiver* ICK ICK ICK

nancygrayce said...

No, it really didn't ruin the pedicure, just made my feet feel yucky!

He Knows My Name said...

hi nancy, i love florida, you have the sun, water, ocean breezes, oranges, grapefruits, strawberries, good churches but you got bugs, snakes and alligators. we have clouds, snow, snow, snow, bugs and rats too. you poor thing, i reall am feeling for you i would have freaked too!

i have to keep my head about my husband. i asked him how long he had this and he said oh, maybe 4 years! men! i just want to k*ll him but i get him cured first. thanks for the comment. i hope today is less eventful for you and russell has a good day.


Needled Mom said...

I, too, have a deathly fear of ALL snakes. I know that many are completely harmless, but not in my eyes. It never fails that I will see the snake when we are walking. It is probably because I am the one constantly searching the ground rather than the scenery! Several years back I had collected all the trash in the house and was carrying it out to the trash bin. I heard a stange noise and looked down at a coiled rattler. Talk about a scream. I am surprised that I did not die on the spot.

I have, however, never had a rat run down my arm. YUCK!

Tonja said...

Bless your little heart. I am just shaking thinking about it! Bless you heart! If you was a drinking woman that would surely be the time! Or at least a big dish of chocolate ice cream.

Dawn said...

I think I'd have a heart attack if a rat ran down my arm or a snake slithered across my foot. YUCK!!!

One of the profs I worked with for years always said that about "normal is only a setting on the dryer." I just got a new dryer and it has no "normal" setting! So now nothing is normal!