Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday.....Show Me Where you Live

O.K. then......on this edition of Show Me Where You Live Friday, hosted by Kelly , I'm combining two rooms.....I missed the guest room and before I show you the "child's" room, I want you to see the guest room so you'll know we aren't complete animals! You'll soon see what I mean.

Ah, this is a very soothing room! In the mornings and evenings, if you look down into this room bathed in sunlight, it looks a little like a sunrise or sunset....I love the color of this's also the color of the kitchen and bathroom on that side of the house.

This is looking into the guest room from the hall and the bed, all the bedroom furniture, belonged to my husband's grandmother. I have a love for all things family, so I was so happy to get this bedroom furniture. This room is actually called my mother's bedroom. When we put it together, we told her it was for her and she gets very jealous when she hears someone is staying in "her" room! The little indentions on the bedspread are the pitter patter paw prints of little cat feet. Try as I may, THEY think it's their room!

If you click on the picture, you'll see a picture of my grandmother on the night side table and on the left wall you can see a teeny little bit of a painting of my husband as a child.

This is the chest of drawers with some of my other favorite things, pictures! The picture above the chest is of Russell's grandmother and Russell's dad and his dad's sister.

This is actually a dining room bureau and is my favorite piece of furniture in the house (although I tend to think I have more than one favorite!). We had it in our dining room for years until we got a china cabinet, then we moved it into this bedroom. Again, pictures! And in the corner is one of our bar stools that I only get out when we have company.

Looking from the bed side of the room at the dresser and into the hall leading to the kitchen. The closet is to the right. The little ceramic owl glasses holder is one my grandmother made at the Senior Citizen's Center. I treasure that owl!

My husband built this house before he ever knew me and he did two of the smartest things! He put doors going outside in the guest room and our bedroom. This door goes right out to the pool.

Lastly, for the guest room is my favorite picture/saying. Mainly, because I've had to do this myself so many times. Click on the picture to read what it says.

O. K. then, now on to a child's room. Our youngest is home for a few months while he does some pharmacy rotations at our local hospital. Before he got home, this room was spotless! It's a really pretty room and I'm sorry you won't be able to see it at it's best! But this is how he lives at home. Especially note that he has a Gator clothes'll see why in a couple pictures. He has to set up a makeshift desk for his computer while he's home.

This is his dresser....he actually can't be blamed for the gator and turkey decanters! They came from Russell's dad's office and I stuck them in there to hopefully put them in the garbage eventually! In the corner is my grandmother's rocking chair and quilt, along with Matt's drum set that goes with one of those music type games.

The open closet door and the boxes.....who knows???

This is where his clothes and shoes end up. The clothes seldom make it into the Gator basket! Even Mikey is intimidated! I'm sure he's thinking, hey man, clean up this mess!

In a few months, this room will be back to it's status as an extra guest room and I'll dig in and clean it up again.
I wouldn't dare post pictures of his bathroom!


Keetha said...

LOLOLOLOL - - - NOTHING about the "child's" room surprises me. I've had four - - - children that is.

Aimee said...

How funny! Boys can be quite messy can't they?

Tonja said...

Even when they are grown, they can still manage to destroy a room! Ian has been coming home every weekend, and I have lots to do when he leaves!

Anonymous said...

I would be so mad if you were my mom and posted these pictures. Before you do something think about your kids first.

nancygrayce said...

Anonymous, believe me, he doesn't care! He hopes when I see his room like that, I'll clean it up! He's just home for 3 months....and believe you me honey, I think about my children's feelings every single day of their lives! Besides, Matt has a great since of humor! :)

Dawn said...

Anonymous should identify him/herself! Great answer.

I love the little embroidered saying - I love watching Judge Marilyn Mulion on People's Court and she's always saying that to someone. Too funny.

Love the guest room. The "other" guest room - looks way too familiar!

Cathy said...

Awww.....He takes after his Aunt Cathy.....Except, I would kill for a closet that clean, I wouldn't clean it myself though. I think a little messy is a good thing!! He will fit in at my house perfectly. Tell Anonymous that our children never thought about us before they did something that mortified us!!!

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh Mr. anonymous, either get a sense of humor or post your name and claim your words.

NancyGrayce, I don't think you were in the least bit mean spirited.

Jenny said...

LOL about not posting pics of his bathroom! Your guest room has so many wonderful memories in it! What great treasures!

nancygrayce said...

Why, Keetha, you know I wouldn't even know what the words mean spirited mean! :)

Leslie said...

My two sons share a bedroom and it looks just like this! I kind of figure if they don't care enough to keep it clean, then they shouldn't care who sees it. You were very kind to Anonymous!

Sharon said...

Ohhhh no that is clean I have seen worse, but if they let it get that bad , then they aren't enbarrassed at all, glad we didn't show off the bathroom, I know what my step son does in his and it's not pleasant. But because he is now on his own when he comes to visit he trashes it just like that, I just tell him before he leaves, to please leave the room as if he was never in there, and he does a pretty good job, still stuff i have to clean up but not to bad.
Greatgreat share! Thanks for the smiles :)