Monday, May 18, 2009

So, so behind!

Well, after a really fun few days, I'm home catching up with reading all your blogs laundry and cleaning and all the housewifely kinds of things! So this Monday morning, while the sheets are in the wash, and with a steaming cup of coffee on hand, I'll recap part of last week!

Monday and Tuesday are lost memories, but Wednesday, Katie and family came to visit and spend the night with me. I was so excited to see her, since I hadn't seen her since Christmas, when she surprised us with the news she and Beau were having a baby! Although I've seen pictures on her blog of her growing Anna Cross, I was delighted to see her in person! It was a great visit and I love having Katie and her sisters with me. Sigh, the sisters are all spread out now, so they don't get to come together often anymore!

Here I'm trying to feel Anna Cross moving. She was having her quiet time, but later she did do a few flips and kicks for her Aunt Nancy!

Here is Katie at 32 weeks!

Katie's older girls came with her to visit.......Belle loved Mikey's chicken and Mikey really didn't know what to do! Lilly is looking on as Belle plays with chicken. Between Katie's two dogs and our two dogs and two was a zoo! But that's how we like it!

Jack and Mikey were clinging to their daddy. They let their girl friends intimidate them!

Auntie Carol came too and we all had a good time visiting!

Thursday morning, Katie was very patient as I ran around like crazy getting ready for Bible study and a girl's trip out of town! The beautiful mama posed one last time before she got back on the road and headed back to Pensacola where she's staying with.............

Mary Grace, Mikey and Grady! Katie's staying with them while her husband, Beau, is deployed. What a blessing to have a sister you can live with and who can support you through those last few weeks of pregnancy! Soon the little cousins will be playing with one another.
Just look at that sweet baby Grady! AND his beautiful mama!

So after a wonderful visit, I headed into the next few days with a girl's trip to Destin. More about that tomorrow!


Leslie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! We'll be getting together with my parents, my sisters and their families this weekend. Since our parents are in their
80's, it is always a special time when we get together.

Dawn said...

Cute future mommy! Sounds like good, busy, fun times - except the laundry, of course.

Katie and Beau said...

Aw, I had a great time! Thanks again for letting me bring my WHOLE family! I know the dogs can be a little much. See you this weekend!

Leslie: said...

What a fun time! Thx for dropping by and I appreciate your well feeling better today but awaiting biopsy results (*sigh*) Will it ever end?

By the way, I went to Italy with a lady from Destin - well, she was my roomie as we were with a group. She told me Destin is a gorgeous place to live! :D