Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Get a way girl's vacation

From young women to, hmmmmmmmm, a bit older young women....we three have been friends through it all, the good, the bad, the sad, the ugly....not much we three haven't been through together. We watched as our children went from sweet babies to troubled teens.......some turned around, some died and some are still struggling. But each of us loves the other's children, so it's o.k. to talk about them.

SO, last weekend, we had a long needed girl's get a way. Our goal? Relax and reconnect.

We did lots of this.....

And this.....leaving to go shop and eat!

this......actually eating!

A little of this.

And this!

We might not be the bathing beauties we once or never were, but who cares! The young man who took this picture was humoring 3 senior citizens!

It was really nice to get together and talk and laugh! We three know how to laugh. We reminded each other of things that happened in the way past. We each remembered things the others had forgotten and vice versa. We commiserated over our children and husbands, (surprisingly or maybe not, each of us has had 3 husbands with me being the only one to have had the same one twice, so I've really only had two, but who's counting? Oh, we were!) reminded each other of things long past, sorrowed with one another over the tragedies in our lives and laughed, laughed, laughed as only women who know each other to the core can laugh!

Ladies and gentlemen, as Scripture says, laughter really is the best medicine! We came home tired and refreshed at the same time!

"A man who should live and die without trials would be like a setting sun without clouds. He would have scant opportunity for the display of those virtues with which the grace of God had endowed him."


Keetha said...

I do the FIRST picture every day. It is my "ahhhhhh school is over for today" vacation.

Under the Florida Sun said...

How fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Yes, girls getaways are fun. Ours is only for a night and day, but we will live it up :-)

Stop by again soon!

Cathy said...

What happened to that book you were going to write?? You are so know, I mean a good writer...glad you all had a good time!

Katie and Beau said...

Glad y'all had fun!

Dawn said...

I have friends like that - we have been through so much together - we know each other inside an out. What a blessing.

I think I missed the story about you marrying the same guy twice!

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like a perfect getaway. There is nothing like good friends who have been on life's path with you.

Donnetta said...

Oh it sounds like a marvelously wonderful time! So glad you were all able to get together!

Those type of friendships are truly something to be treasured!

Kiesha said...

That's awesome, I'm so glad you got the chance to get away with the girls. One's who have been there through it all, nothing better than being with women who know the good bad and ugly and are still right there beside you.

My hands are working today. I will try and post more about my visit with one of my besties,10 + yrs now. There is really nothing like those kinds of friendships.

So glad you got a much needed getaway. :)