Friday, May 1, 2009

Show us where you live.....

Kelly is having a Show Us Where You Live Friday and although I don't usually do themes, I thought this one might be fun. This is the kitchen edition.

I had to clean up the kitchen for enjoy, those of you who know me in real life know that my bar is usually the stopping place for everything that comes in the door!!

A few years ago we remodeled our kitchen...I only knew one thing for sure, that I wanted maple cabinets! The rest just kind of fell together and I'm not kidding!

This is the view looking from my living room doorway. We decided to put in an Island and I'm so's one of our favorite places to be. We usually eat here and visit here. I sort of wish I hadn't picked stainless steel because for one thing magnets don't stick! Oh, and you have to clean them....a lot.

This is looking down the hall to the door that goes into the garage. I do love all those pantries and believe it or not they are all full! Not organized, just full! I also really enjoy having double ovens. The doorway on the left is going into the dining room.

This was a brainstorm of my husband's. This was a blank wall, so we decided to use the space for more cabinets. We built the cabinets to fit this antique scale. The scale came out of my husband's grandfather's commissary.

The ducks, I bought in North Carolina on one of our trips.

The magnolia picture on the far left was given to me by a dear lady in our former church. I told her I'd like to buy a print and she said she was no longer painting. Several days later, I received that small magnolia print in the mail. I love it and had it framed with her note on the back.

And as every classy kitchen should have, on the left bottom is the dog kennel with dog food sitting on top!

And last are four of the many Franciscan pieces of china that I was given by three of Russell's family members. His mother gave me her set several years ago, then I got his aunt's and his grandmother' I have a lot, some old and some new. FYI.....don't microwave with the old ones....they get super hot!!!

I'm not sure who that goofy woman is reflected in the sliding glass doors. These doors go out to a side deck where all the grilling is done.

That's my kitchen! Go on over to Kelly's and see the links to many more kitchens.


The Morris Family said...

Beautiful....I love the cabinets with the scale. You have done a great job!!

Kathleen said...

I love the island in the center of the kitchen I think that would make breakfast time so much easier in my house. What a great idea!

Kiesha said...

I love it. My favorite are the green chairs they just seem to pop.

I would show mine but since I am relying on others to clean it, I try to stay out of there, because no one can clean your house the way you do. I guess as long as it gets somewhat clean. Just one of the many things I'm learning through all of this, I have to let other people help out.

Anyway, great kitchen.
And thank you for all the supportive comments. I know God has this under control, I just have my moments.
I'm so glad I 'found' you on here, and I had no idea how much I would need your support and encouraging words in the weeks to come, but God did.

Needled Mom said...

Your kitchen is lovely. I am so with you on the stainless. We ridid our kitchen about 8 years ago and had the stainless (with maple too) and I hate it. With 20 grandchildren you can imagine the fingerprints. I have found that a product called Sheila S*hine works great. I do hate that I cannot put magnets on it too. Aw and learn.

I have the same Franciscan pattern - some passed down from my grandmother so I will be aware of microwaving them. Thanks.

Snow White said...

Is it wrong to covet that scale??? I love it!!!!
How clever to build a place of honor for it in your kitchen:-)
Snow White

Dawn said...

Lovely kitchen. Mine is such a joke.

Our new fridge isn't stainless steel, but does not hold magnets either - which is probably a good thing!

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness!! I must say I am sinning because I am coveting your wonderful kitchen with all those cabinets!! We live in a very small home and I would LOVE a big kitchen like that! It's beautiful!! I enjoyed the tour!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Please come back again!!! :)

Leslie said...

Beautiful! I am way too embarrassed to post pictures of my kitchen. I know you viewed my Foto Friday pics and there was no way I was going to show my ugly kitchen! We rent our home and it had been empty for several years before we moved in. We have done nothing to the kitchen other than wallpaper it. Our oven has to be at least 20 years old and the floor is gross! Even after I wash it, it still looks dirty. Since the house has been around since at least the 1860's, things have settled. So when I bake a cake in the oven, I have to turn it at some point or else it comes out lopsided!

UAB mom said...

i wish i had that much cabinet space...thanks for sharing!

HappyascanB said...

What a beautiful kitchen! Love the cabinets. Love. Them! That goofy lady made me smile! Pretty plates!!!

Connie said...

Love your kitchen...and getting to know you better. Such fun! Hope you're having a good week. COnnie