Thursday, May 7, 2009

Show me Where you live!

It's Friday so I'm participating in Show us where you live hosted by Kelly over at Kelly's Korner.

Today we're showing living here are some pictures of mine. We have a living room only, no family room and this is the center (literally) of our home.

Above is standing in the living room and looking into the foyer. I love sentimental family pieces and this is an old phonograph that belonged to Russell's family. We have tons of old records stored in the little side doors. The top opens and the actual record player is inside...You can see the crank in the picture below. Someone had to constantly crank at the appropriate speed to keep the music coming. I have lots of pictures on top. I love pictures too!

On the other wall hangs the actual phone that was in Russell's grandparent's bedroom. It only rang to a couple of places nearby. The working parts are still inside, but of course it isn't working. I think it is a lovely piece reminding Russell of his childhood.

Here is a better picture of the phonograph with two prints hung is the high school we graduated from and the other is a print of the old Cove Hotel. Russell's mother's wedding reception was held there.

The above picture is standing in the living room, on the right is the opening going into the dining room and of course on the left is the foyer. We got this furniture a couple of years ago and our cats have scratched it. Just gotta love animals. Honestly, I tried to get the vet to take their back claws out. Someone said how cruel....I said, which is crueler, taking them out or my husband killing them! So far they're safe. You can see Matt's legs and Jack on the right.
The table we use as a coffee table has little slide outs on each side that are to put your beverage on.

Once again, I'm standing on one side of the living room, looking toward the recliners in the foreground. The pie table in the middle is another of my favorites. You can see the church pew in the background.

Our fireplace. I particularly like this mantel. There wasn't a mantel and we had this one built, I think it sets off the fireplace. You can see the animal's toy basket by the recliner. There are more pictures on the mantel. I like my wreath on the wreath holder on the hearth. It's hard to see the brass fire guard, but it came from Russell's grandmother's home and it was out in the garage completely black. I had it cleaned and couldn't believe how beautiful it was. It has a set of fire tools, but we keep them put in a closet this time of year.

This is looking across the other side, showing our t.v.chest and book shelves. The bookshelf on the left holds mainly picture albums. I have tons and tons of pictures still not in albums! On the bookshelf on the right side, I have some books and more pictures. If you click on the picture to make it bigger, you may notice that the top shelf has graduation pictures of Russell and I and all the children.

Above is looking from the living room toward the bedrooms. The picture hanging is a needlework picture that Russell's aunt did. She was very talented! The basket is where we put the paper every day when we're through reading. On the left is a door leading into our bedroom and bathroom...there are two more bedrooms and a bath on the right.

Above is my computer cabinet....yes, it is closed so I didn't have to clean it out and organize! I wouldn't have gotten this post done by Friday if I'd done that. The two crystal lamps on top are actually antique candle holders from Russell's grandparent's home. They were made into electrical lights a long time ago. When Russell and I first married, I found them wrapped up in bags in a closet. I found hooks to fasten the crystals on and got them out where they belong!

That's my living room. If you click on any of the pictures, you can see more detail. The pillows might be interesting for you!
Well this was fun, even if you have to clean up each room before you take pictures! Can't wait to see the other living rooms.!


Leslie said...

Very beautiful! But I have to you ever use the fireplace since you're in FL? I've only been to FL once, so I honestly don't know!

I will not be sharing any photos of my home. My school year ends in 3 weeks and then I have 2 1/2 weeks until my boys are out for the summer. I'll be using that 2 1/2 weeks to clean my house!!! Just envision clutter and dust bunnies!

Dawn said...

I've done this at Christmastime, when the decorations overshadow the regular stuff. My family couch has been totally destroyed by cats and I haven't been able to replace them. So I will not be showing anything off!

Carrie and David said...

Very nice! I love the rug in your foyer! :o)

Stephanie said...

LOVE the church pew and all the family pieces.

Katie and Beau said...

You crack me up.

nancygrayce said...

No, Leslie, we haven't used our fireplace in about 4 years. I actually love to have a fire on the 1 1/2 days a year that it's cold enough, but it's a lot of trouble AND we're lazy!