Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Yesterday I did two posts, the last being Happy Birthday to sister! If you didn't read (and go listen to Rachel's speech) that first one, please do. It may have gotten lost among the days posts, but it is so inspiring and well worth the time it takes to listen to her.

Not to mention, a great opportunity to lift someone in prayer!

This was on my E-Word Today......

"You cannot see the stars while the sun shines. Wait till it is dark, and then you shall behold them. And many a Christian grace is quite imperceptible until the time of trial, and then it shines out with great luster. All this supposes that grace is there. But if it be lacking, trial discovers the lack. You know not what spirit you are of till you have been under tribulation."

Have a wonderful day all....I'm off to try and be busy!


Tonja said...

That is a powerful statement. And so true. Trials do not MAKE you strong...they show you just how strong you ARE!

Kiesha said...

Love this, so very true.
I'm going to email you and send you some layouts and I'll get started on your blog if you want. I feel better, but they won't let me do anything but watch tv and sit at the computer so I thought I could actually be accomplishing something :)

Sharon said...

It is a Awesome site to behold at night isn't it. It's just another wonderful time to talk to our heavenly father and see is makings.
Great share :)
Have a beautiful and blessed day my friend

Dawn said...

Very good thought, and so very true.