Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Tommy!

Or should I say "Belated Birthday"???? No, we didn't forget, sent the card on time...I just didn't put up a post about him yesterday on his actual birthday. So here I go.

Tommy turned 27 yesterday! It seems like just yesterday he was 10.....about the age when I first met him. I became his stepmom and began a long love for him. His dad and I are so proud of him. He graduated college.....he's a GATOR!.....married.....went to work for an engineering firm and is doing really well.

Here he is with his wife, Claudia. She gave him a little surprise party with some of their friends last night. The old folks stayed home, but we sure missed seeing him on his special day.

This is a cute picture taken a long time ago....I told Russell I was going to knock him to New York City and back. He grabbed on to Tommy and said hold on son, we're going to New York!

God has blessed us with many happy years as a family. The years pass so quickly and the children have all grown up so fast!

I know you had a good day, Tommy.....We love you and wish you many more birthdays in the future! And I promise, if I ever do knock you somewhere, it will be somewhere good! :)


BECKY said...

Hi Nancy!! Wow...27! It does seem like a long time ago. Our oldest is 28 and it seems like she has always been a grown up!! They are a cute couple!!

Well, my foot is still hurting, but this morning I think it is finally getting a bit better. I think I ruptured a vein right on the bone in the top of my foot and it is quite painful to walk.

Well, I hope you have a wonderful relaxing weekend. Any plans? I'm just puttering around the house and going out to return a few items that have been in bags tucked away. Exciting, huh?

Have a good one, gal!!

Dawn said...

I'm glad Russell has a good sense of humor! Cute picture. Happy Birthday, Tommy!

nancygrayce said...

Becky, I'm sorry about your foot. You might need to have that x rayed! We have plans to get ready for GRANDCHILDREN coming Monday! I'm so excited! Haven't seen them since last August!

nancygrayce said...

Dawn, :) Oh, you just have to have a good sense of humor to live in our home!!! He really does though, he's a pure pleasure to live with!!! God has truly blessed me!

Mimi said...

Hi Nancy,
Happy Birthday to your son Tommy!!!
Around here a sense of humor is a must too!!! I love a happy laughing home!!!!
He looks like a wonderful asset to have around and how lucky you are to get to be in his life and vice versa!!!!
have a Blessed day,