Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Ashley!

Seventeen years ago, I got a call that would forever change my life. My son said to me, "she's here, Ashley Bianca is born!" Five weeks later, her Uncle David and I boarded a plane and flew to California to get our first glimpse of this precious gift! The moment they put her in my arms, I felt something strange, yet wonderful! I was a grandmother! If you don't have grandchildren yet, just take my word for this, there is no other feeling quite like this one. It's different from the love you have for your children. It just is.

Over the years, she has grown in every way, but she has a very special grace. She's not only beautiful on the outside, but she's a real beauty on the inside! Everyone who meets her, just falls in love with her.

When she goes home, she'll start her senior year in high school. She's already taking the SAT's and thinking about college! She's gone from being a baby, then an adorable toddler, cuddly little girl, sweet preteen, teen and now.....suddenly she's on the edge of adulthood!

I pray God's love and protection on her life. I pray that she loves Him and serves Him all the days of her life!

Happy Birthday, I love you!


Mimi said...

Hi Nancy!!!
Oh that is such a sweet tribute to your beautiful granddaughter, and yes, I'm a MIMI so I totally understand. Being a MIMI has changed me in ways I could never fully understand til it happened. She is a great girl, so many 17-18 year old do not have or make the time to spend time my Grandparents and the my friend speaks VOLUMES!!!!!
Enjoy her, Cherish her for indeed she is an Angel!!!!
I love the beach in the background, something about the gulf, just calls out to me!!!
I will be in Sarasota in Sept. but oh hope to make it back to Panama City Beach one fall!!!
Love to all,

Donnetta said...

They grow so fast, don't they?! A very happy and memorable birthday to your Ashley!

Dawn said...

She is beautiful - and it is so great that you got to celebrate both of their birthdays. They must just love coming to your place - pool, beach, grandma all in one place!

My 4 little girlies just bless me every day - Emma is quite attached to me right now - her mommy isn't really thrilled about that!

Cathy said...

She is so gorgeous. She looks a lot like Maria in that picture. Happy Birthday, Ashley!!!

Tonja said...

Beautiful Girl! You are rightly proud!

I pray I get to feel those feelings of 'grandmotherhood' one day!